10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Jack Sparrow As A Character

After it was recently and the rumors about his return were unfounded, many fans pointed out how future movies would feel empty and senseless without him. Jack Sparrow became an iconic character since his first appearance in 

His memorable persona made him the franchise's favorite pirate and most fans continued to go to his movies only to see more of his clever dialogue, drunken behavior, and hilarious quotes. The pirate definitely stole the show and the franchise will never be the same without him, but luckily there are five movies in which his unforgettable personality inspired fans to make hilarious memes that perfectly sum him up as a character.

Captain Jack Sparrow

It hurts to get confirmation, but he will always be Captain Jack Sparrow to me. from POTCmemes

Jack Sparrow is not an ordinary pirate and it troubled him to be named as if he had a common role in a crew. For pirates, it is the highest honor to own a ship and be its leader, and considering how difficult it is to achieve that, it's understandable that Sparrow was annoyed by people's lack of recognition of his position.

Therefore, he always reminded everyone that his name was not simply "Jack Sparrow" but "Captain Jack Sparrow." Although to be fair, some people were right on just calling him by his first and last name given that at the beginning of the first movie he didn't have a ship.

Captain Of The Black Pearl

Add a title from POTCmemes

Jack Sparrow was captain of the Black Pearl until Hector Barbossa came along. Jack was abandoned to his fate when he was stripped from his beloved ship, however, he survived to see the Black Pearl be taken away for a second time when he and Elizabeth were dropped in Rumrunner's Isle.

His reaction to seeing his ship leaving could easily be compared to one of the most iconic and hilarious quotes of Doofenshmirtz. Jack Sparrow is one of the  and his reactions to situations like this one prove why he is a fan favorite.


Everyone is Johnny until they're Jack from POTCmemes

Sparrow is a pirate and therefore does not care for laws. He is always looking for adventures, getting drunk, stealing money, and finding treasures, which is the pirate way of living. His lawless perspective leads him to do many things that are prohibited in society and definitely frowned upon.

Some people may feel like Captain Jack Sparrow when breaking the rules and downloading something for free, but most forget that pirate living has consequences, and just like Sparrow suffered one of the , users may be stabbed in the back by the same pirate site they trusted for the download.


I loved this, thought it would be cool to share. from POTCmemes

He earned his fame and became the stuff of legend with his extraordinary adventures. At first, he fabricated most of his crazy stories for people to talk about him and become a celebrity, but the experiences he lived afterward were even more mind-blowing that the ones he invented. For civilized people who liked law and order, pirates were despicable, and Captain Jack Sparrow represented them.

Many of the rumors that were spoken about Sparrow depicted him as a terrible person, but for him, it was enough that at least people heard of him, which could be hilariously compared to the meme scene of Hopefully, another mad survival story can be one of the ways in which .

Rum Lover

*"We cant stop here!!"* from POTCmemes

Johnny Depp interpreted another iconic character in Raoul Duke, who most of the time was under the influence of a substance just like the infamous pirate. The only difference is that Sparrow is always drunk, and Duke was always high.

could have perfectly been titled given that pirates are supposedly always drunk, leading them to make the craziest decisions and adventure into the most dangerously ambitious missions that sober people would rather pass on.


Just one.. from POTCmemes

Will and Elizabeth were the main characters of the first films, but Sparrow stole the show from the first moment he appeared and immediately made one of the movies . His wicked and drunken behavior led him to guide Will to do insane ideas to save Elizabeth.

One of the most memorable examples is when Sparrow convinced Smith to go underwater with a canoe to be able to breathe and avoid guards. It is scientifically impossible to achieve such a thing, which just proves how two hours after having a mega pint with Jack Sparrow can make magical things happen.


This is half of the franchise from POTCmemes

Jack Sparrow always has a plan that does not go as intended. He is extraordinarily good at improvising and coming up with quick solutions when something unfolds unexpectedly. His capability of ideating a plan B, C, or D in seconds makes him one of the most clever pirates of the Caribbean.

However, his talent for improvisation is not the only thing that has saved his life multiple times, and sometimes he just has a surprising amount of luck. He was smart enough at first to outrun the cannibals in , but eventually, all his ideas failed and he had to simply run for his life, which is quite relatable for players who do stealth missions in video games.

Love Interests Never Work Out

When you learn that your crush is taken: from POTCmemes

Sparrow likes women, but his true love is the sea, so his heart is taken. This leads him to have short-lived and superficial relationships with other ladies who usually end up despising him. Jack has earned every single slap he has been given, and he recognizes it.

However, Elizabeth Swan seemed to be the only woman who truly conquered his heart. She didn't feel the same and fooled him multiple times by seducing him. After she succeeded in tricking Sparrow, Jack felt a little hurt and tried to have the upper hand saying the hilarious quote from the meme, which is what a lot of people try to do when they are rejected by their loved ones.

Loves Tortuga

Drinks and friendship all around! from POTCmemes

Tortuga is a lawless town befitting of pirates' way of living and Sparrow loves it for the same reason. He values the freedom and chaos of the famous town where people just do what they please. The island also has a special meaning for him because of his personal life.

He recruited multiple crews there, found shelter, built friendships, experienced romance, and had lots of fun. Every scene in a bar where drunk strangers are acting as if they were the best of friends is a perfect depiction of Tortuga's chaotic energy that Jack embraces and adores.

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