Learn to make sushi in simple steps


1. Jinxiu reverse roll sushiIngredients: 2 cups of japonica rice, appropriate amount of water, appropriate amount of salmon, appropriate amount of tamagoyaki, appropriate amount of avocado, 2 pieces of sushi seaweed, appropriate amount of crab roe

Accessories: 3 tablespoons sushi vinegar, 2 tablespoons sushi soy sauce, a little mustardCraftsmanship:

How to make Jinxiu reverse-rolled sushi, 12 steps in total


1. Wash the rice and add water to the specified water level in the rice cooker.

2. Select "Firewood Rice" to start cooking3. While the rice cooker is cooking, prepare other ingredients. Cut the tamagoyaki into strips, cut the salmon into strips, cut the avocado in half, remove the core and skin, and cut into strips.

4. Insert a sentence: Remove the core of the avocado, insert a knife into the core and turn it gently, and the core will come out.


5. After the rice is cooked, let it cool for a while. When it is no longer hot, pour in the sushi vinegar and mix well.

6. Lay out the bamboo curtain for rolling sushi, put a plastic bag on it, and put 1 piece of sushi nori with the rough side up and the smooth side down.

7. Spread the sushi rice evenly on the seaweed, sprinkle with crab roe, and lightly compact the rice and crab roe with hands moistened with water.

8. Cover the sushi rice with another plastic bag, pinch and lift the two plastic bags, turn over the seaweed noodles, remove the plastic bag, and add salmon tamagoyaki and avocado.


9. Pull the bamboo curtain to roll up the sushi rice. Pinch the sushi tightly while rolling it, and remember to pull out the ziplock bag while rolling it.

10. Wrap the rolled sushi roll tightly in plastic wrap.

11. Dip a knife into water and cut the sushi roll together with the plastic bag wrapped around it.

12. Tear off the plastic bag, mix sushi soy sauce and mustard, and serve