After the dog is raised maturely, he will have these symptoms:


As long as you keep dogs for a long time, they are very easy to get along with. And when the dogs are matured by you, they will have these behaviors, which means that the owner has raised them well!

Close contact and intimacyDogs that are well-raised by their owners will actively seek close contact and affection. They may curl up next to their owner, lie on their lap or crawl into their arms. This close contact is an obvious sign of their trust and dependence on their owners.


Exclusive eye contactDogs that are well-raised by their owners will establish exclusive eye contact with their owners. They gaze into their owner's eyes, conveying deep emotion and attachment to their owner. This eye contact is an important way for them to express their feelings and establish a tacit understanding with their owners.

Proactive care and protectionDogs that are well-raised by their owners will take the initiative to care for and protect their owners. They will pay close attention to the movements and emotions of their owners, and show vigilance and protection towards any people or animals that threaten their owners.


This active care and protection is their deep attachment and emotional expression to their owners.

listen and understandA dog that is well-raised by its owner will be more obedient to its owner's instructions and understand its owner's intentions. They may learn and remember instructions more quickly and show better responses to training. This is because they have a deeper identification and understanding of their owner's voice and language.

The dog is so obedient and well-behaved, so don't forget to reward it with some of the dog's favorite snacks.

Will take the initiative to ask you for foodIf a dog will think of you immediately when it is hungry, and then ask you for food, it means that it has been well-raised by you.