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If your dog has these behaviors, it proves that he treats you as a "parent"

Dogs are one of man's closest companions, and when they treat you as a parent, they will display a series of special behaviors and performances. If your dog has these behaviors, it proves that it regards you as its "parent", you are really very happy!

dependence and trustWhen your dog treats you as a parent, they develop a deep attachment and trust in you. They will stick close to you, seeking your protection and comfort. Whether at home or outdoors, they always treat you as the most important person.

excited welcomeYour dog will give you an extremely excited welcome when you come home. They may wag their tails, jump, and even squawk with joy. This is a reflection of their joy at your return and their love for you.

act of intimacyDogs show their love for you through affectionate behaviors. They may lick your face, kiss your hands, or get close to your body. This is their way of bonding with you, similar to how humans interact with each other.

protect and guardWhen dogs treat you as a parent, they will display protective and guarding instincts. They will keep a close eye on your safety and appear wary and protective of any person or animal that threatens you. This is a sign of their deep attachment and desire to protect you.

filial piety and obedienceWhen your dog treats you as a parent, they will exhibit filial and obedient behaviors. They will become more obedient to your commands and requests and strive to follow your training.

If your dog doesn't like to talk to you, the pet owner should train it more. You can use some snacks as an aid. When the dog responds to you, reward it with delicious food. The dog will know that it is beneficial and will respond positively to you.

like to sleep with youDogs usually choose to sleep alone unless you are their closest family member. If your dog loves to sleep with you and next to you, it means that the dog likes you very much and wants to stay with you at all times.

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