Pirates Of The Caribbean: 16 Little Details Even Diehard Fans Don't Know

It's incredible how successful the movie series turned out to be considering the lack of success of other pirate movies. The Walt Disney Company was hesitant about creating this film, but it's a good thing they did, because it turned out to be a huge money-maker.

The film that stars Captain Jack Sparrow on his quest throughout the high seas and was based on the attractions that are at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. The success of the original concept idea of those attractions led the company to create a film, and later add characters from the film into the attraction.

It's impressive how they turned a movie that should've never happened into a successful series with five films. There are so many epic stories from the set of the film that would amaze you. Here are some even greater details that you might not know about the popular movies:

15 The Eyes Of The Skeletons Belong To The Actors

It's incredible how CGI and other technologies can transform a film. Well, Disney used CGI in to create their skeletons. However, the eyes of the skeletons were still from the actors who were acting out these characters. was. Some movies didn't do as well.

14 The Film’s Development Period Began 10 Years Prior To Its Release

about is that the development period came 10 years prior to the film's release in 1993. Screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio pitched the idea in 1993, but it took some time to come to fruition. There were some ideas still used in the film that came from the original idea.

13 Keira Knightley’s Mother Had To Be Present At All Times During Filming Of The First Movie Because She Was Only 17

Now looking back, Keira Knightley has been in a lot of films throughout her career. One of the first films that she starred in however, was On the set of the film, her mother was always present, because Knightley was only 17-years old at the time.

12 The Pistol That Jack Sparrow Uses Is A Real Antique Handgun Crafted In London

Usually, movies feature props, but Captain Jack Sparrow's handgun in the films is actually real. It's a handgun that was created in London as far back as 1760. It was . It's pretty amazing that they used a real handgun on set, and that it was that old. It really looked as authentic as it possibly could though.

11 Penelope Cruz’s Sister Was Brought On As Her Body Double When Penelope Was Pregnant IRL

A lot of times actors and actresses use stunt doubles during films, and sometimes they just need someone to play their part of some scenes. In Penelope Cruz's , because Penelope was pregnant at the time. It actually doesn't make sense why that was the case from far away and not when she's closer.

10 Johnny Depp Wore Contacts To Avoid Squinting From The Sun’s Glare

A lot of times if you see Johnny Depp off-camera, he's wearing glasses. His roles don't necessarily have glasses, but he wears them in his personal life a lot. Well, to avoid squinting during sunny scenes in the movies, he would wear contacts. You wouldn't think this is important, but they were always filming in tropical locations.

9 Orlando Bloom Didn’t Receive The Script About Elizabeth Kissing Jack, Which Is Why He Was So Surprised

Imagine turning around and seeing your fiance kissing another man. Well, that happened on the set of one of the films. Orlando Bloom wasn't notified of the scene, so Johnny Depp kissed Bloom's fiance without him knowing. It led to an extremely shocked look on his face in the movie, which helped the scene.

8 Gore Verbinski, Who Directed The First Three Films, Wanted To Travel The World To Find Perfect Locations

In the film industry, directors typically use CGI and green screens. Sometimes, it's just unrealistic to travel around the world to get the shots you want, but Gore Verbinski was dedicated to traveling the world anyway. The filming crew for the movies would travel to wherever they believed the perfect shots would come.

7 Verbinski Played The Electric Guitar For The Scene In At World’s End When All Six Main Characters Meet

Verbinski is also a musician, who you get to hear in In the scene where you see six of the main characters staring at each other on a beach, there's an electric guitar playing in the background. That would be the director of the film playing it, which added his touch to the movie.

6 Disney Had To Pay For Roads To Be Paved During Dead Man’s Chest Because The Island Was So Remote

Many people probably think Verbinski is crazy to travel the world to capture the perfect scenes, but that's what made these movies so special. They were authentic. They were so authentic that they filmed at an island in that had no paved roads. So, guess who had to pay for that to be done?

5 Initially, Geoffrey Rush Tried To Stand On The Left Of Keira Knightley To Make Sure People Noticed Him

This is a bit extreme, but Geoffrey Rush always tried to stand on the left side of Keira Knightley so that he would get attention. He believed that people look from left to right, so he always stood on her left, as he thought she would get all of the attention. Clearly, by this film he changed up his plan a bit...

4 An Assistant Was Hired For Dead Men Tell No Tales Just To See When Johnny Depp Would Turn His Lights On In The Morning

Even celebrities go through hard times, and Johnny Depp was going through a really difficult time during He was going through a tough divorce, financial problems, and he was accused of assaulting his partner. He started showing up late to filming, so an assistant was hired to look out for when he would turn his lights on in the morning.

3 Jack The Monkey Is Seen Smiling When Barbossa Thanks Him For Returning The Aztec Coin, Which Was Completely Unplanned

Working with animals is difficult on set because you can't necessarily control their actions. That is why you see a lot of movie studios use CGI when it comes to animals because they have full control over their body movements. Well, there was a scene where Jack the Monkey returned the Aztec coin to Captain Barbossa, and Jack was grinning as he returned it.

2 Keira Knightley Was So Sure She'd Be Fired During Her First Week On Set, That She Brought As Little As Possible To Film

Most actors and actresses are thrilled when they're cast for a role, especially one within the Disney family. Keira Knightley was nervous though, so nervous that she packed light because she thought she would be fired during the first week of filming for Instead, she went on to become an iconic figure in the series.

1 Orlando Bloom’s Elvish Tattoo From Lord Of The Rings Accidentally Appears During The First Film

When Orlando Bloom was filming he got an elvish tattoo on his right wrist. During the filming of the first film, they did everything they could to hide the tattoo. Well in one scene, it was visible and no one ever caught it. It's amazing how many people work on a movie to miss something like that.

The First Scene In The Curse Of The Black Pearl Was Actually 5 Separate Images That Were Edited Together

If you remember from the first film, opens with the Black Pearl slowly moving in the fog. Well, that shot was actually broken up into five different parts that were put together. It's pretty amazing how technology can help create a beautiful photo. That's just one of the .

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