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Learn high-end European and American outfits quickly

LOOK1A tied ponytail will give people a very cheerful feeling, which is perfect in autumn and winter when the weather is relatively cold. It seems to warm up the temperature. And the middle ponytail also adds vitality to the outfit.

The black suit has a great drape. No matter how many clothes you wear, you won't look fat. Little fairies quickly take a notebook to memorize it. This black suit has a looser fit and a super drapey texture, which is very suitable for fat girls to cover their flesh. By the way, the black suit style is also very high-end, with a bit of casual style. Sister Yu who likes minimalist outfits can try it. The aura is 2.8 meters tall.

The matching black bag is also very fashionable. How can monotonous solid color outfits be enough? Paired with some small accessories such as bags, it will look more refined. The black color is the same as the color of the clothing, so it can also enhance the fashion sense of the outfit. White sneakers are also very casual when paired with this outfit, so pick it up~

LOOK2After talking about the black minimalist style matching, the editor will take you to see some individual ones. Sisters who like the gentle country style can try the white woolen bottoming cashmere sweater. It is furry and super warm, and it is pure white. Gentle ~

The matching jacket is also very designed. The three colors of green, blue and gray are mixed and matched, and the darkness of the clothing is lowered, so that it will not look too abrupt. And paired with a white cashmere woolen bottoming shirt, it can also add a touch of high-end color to the outfit. Moreover, wearing this coat, yellow and black leather are easier to control, and you are not afraid of too much color difference affecting the image.

The light-colored jeans that match it are also very good. I really like light-colored jeans. They are more gentle and versatile. Compared with darker jeans, light-colored jeans are more energetic. I also like the design of light-colored jeans. They are designed with bell-bottom pants, which not only do not make you look fat, but also make your legs look longer!

LOOK3Light-colored jeans are versatile and energetic, while darker jeans are more sophisticated and sophisticated. Pair it with a gray-brown bottoming shirt. Is it more advanced? ! Moreover, the design of the shoulders of the base shirt is a bit fluffy, which will make the arms feel slimmer, which has the same effect as the previously popular dolman sleeves. But the difference is that the cuffs are designed to be very slim and will not look too bulky when worn.

Similarly, I also like the girl's dark jeans. Dark jeans have a slimming effect. The editor has worn a pair of dark jeans before going out. Then many people complimented me on how thin my legs were, haha. Similarly, dark jeans are less gentle than light-colored jeans, but they are more versatile.

Paired with white sneakers, this makes the outfit more casual. And white shoes go with any outfit. When I don't know how to match shoes, I will wear white sneakers when going out. They still look good.

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