Cats "showing their belly" are giving you a signal


The cat feels very hot!

The weather is very hot now, and cats are afraid of heat. If the temperature at home is too high, they will find it unbearable. Lying on the ground with your feet in the air can help dissipate heat, because if the foot pads are suspended, the heat can be dispersed better! Be careful to cool down your cat.

express trust in you

Cats' bellies are very fragile and generally won't be exposed to outsiders easily. They are very vigilant. If a cat takes the initiative to lie down on the ground with all four legs in the air, it is giving you a signal, "You are the person this cat trusts most!", which means that you I usually take good care of it!


Treat you as my master

In the cat world, cats take the initiative to show their belly, which means they recognize the boss and show their loyalty to you. From now on, they will only recognize you as their main person. Then you can pet it as a response.

hope you can forgive it

When a cat has done something wrong and feels guilty, and doesn't want to be scolded by you anymore, it will show its belly in an attempt to gain your forgiveness.


It knows that such behavior will make you soft-hearted, but don't let it go every time, otherwise You will be caught by it.

want to get your attention

Cats will also be bored and lonely sometimes. If you haven't played with them for a long time, they will come to you and wander around you to get your attention. If they can't get your attention, they will lie on their backs on the ground to attract your attention. Attention, remember to play with your cat for a while!


The cat is acting coquettishly on you

You think the cat is stupid, but in fact it is smart. At least it will not treat itself badly. When it wants to please you, it will lie on the ground and act like a baby to you. If you see it look so cute every time, reward it with snacks. , which will make it associate lying on the ground with snacks! Then by doing this, it is giving you a signal, "Give me snacks quickly!"

I ate too much and my belly was bloated.

Some cats may be reincarnated as "starving ghosts", and they will go crazy when they see delicious food. As a result, their stomachs are not full enough, and they can only feel more comfortable by lying on all fours. In this case, the owner must control the cat's food intake!