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Cats living a "happy" life at home will have these 6 behaviors

(1) Will help you step on the milk; because this behavior is only done by a kitten to its mother cat. Generally, this behavior will disappear after the cat leaves the mother cat. If a cat helps you step on its breasts, it means you are too kind to it and have stimulated its instinctive behavior!

(2) Sleeping everywhere at home; cats are naturally very vigilant and will choose a safer environment where they sleep. If it sleeps everywhere in your home, it means that it has regarded your home as its own territory. This is a sign that a cat will live happily in your home.

(3) The sleeping posture is very wild; generally speaking, cats will adopt a vigilant sleeping posture when sleeping, so that they can escape immediately when they encounter danger. If your cat lives happily in your home, it will sleep in wild ways, sleeping with its belly exposed, sleeping on all fours, sleeping with acrobatics, etc.!

(4) Love to act coquettishly; cats are very spiritual and will only act coquettishly towards people who are kind to them. If you are usually very nice to your cat and make your cat feel very happy, then it will love to act coquettishly towards you, often turning its belly on you, hugging you, rubbing you, licking you, asking for a hug, etc.

(5) Too lazy to bury poop; burying poop is a cat's instinctive behavior. This can cover up the smell of its own poop and avoid exposing its whereabouts. This is a manifestation of the cat's self-protection. If a cat is happy in your home, it will not bother to bury its poop because it thinks there is no danger in the home.

(6) Not protecting food; It is a cat's nature to protect food. If you prepare enough food for your cat and feed it regularly, so that the cat feels safe and happy, then it will treat you a little bit. It doesn't care about food, and it will eat cat food very well even if you watch it eat.

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