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Johnny Depp's Movie Return Isn't What You'd Expect (But It Makes Sense)

Johnny Depp is returning to movies with , and while it may not be the kind of project expected from the star, it makes sense considering the actor's history. This film will be Johnny Depp's first big screen appearance since his highly publicized defamation trial and removal from the and franchises. While Depp is known for his big Hollywood projects, diverts from past expectations.

Depp's iconic roles in blockbusters like and might spring easily to mind and some feel recent. However, his last film, was released in 2018, and . During court proceedings between Depp and Heard, the actor shared that he had been struggling to find work, and while might feel like an odd direction to take, it is a good fit for Depp.

Johnny Depp Will Speak Only French As King Louis XV In La Favorite

Depp's first starring role since 2018 is in the French biographical film , in which the actor will play King Louis XV, known in history as Louis the Beloved. It is directed by French actress and filmmaker Maïwenn, who will be starring opposite Depp as Louis XV's official mistress, the Comtesse du Barry. The film will have a theatrical release only in France and will not begin in the United States until 15 months after that theatrical release. Of course, the French movie will have an entirely French script, so English will be out of the question for Depp.

While Depp lived in France for several years with his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis, the actor has confessed (via to struggling with the language. It's one thing for an actor to fumble through a foreign language knowing that only select audiences will notice their errors, but another to perform exclusively to native users. In , Depp's usage of French will have to be worthy of King Louis XV, which presents an intriguing challenge for the actor.

Why La Favorite Makes Sense For Johnny Depp

and dedication to his roles have proven that he is an actor who is far more likely to take an interesting job than one that is guaranteed to be successful. Playing a historical figure in a different language is a challenge many actors would avoid. Getting something like this wrong could be detrimental to someone's career and challenging to overcome. Still, choosing as his first film in several years proves that Depp is fully leaning into this challenge.

Additionally, given Depp's recent experience with Hollywood, it makes sense that he would choose to take the independent route on his journey back to the big screen. The actor shared during his trial that he was disappointed at how he was treated by Disney and Warner Bros when he was stopped from and So, it is unlikely that he will return to Hollywood too soon. may never receive the same attention as some of Depp's other films, but it makes sense that it's the one he would choose for the next stage in his career.

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