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European and American street style trendy LOOK, extremely cool

LOOK1The gentle white short down jacket has a very youthful and girlish feel. Because of the short design, the matching will not appear calm but will be more lively. Paired with black slim-fitting pants, it can make the outfit more natural and everyday, and also add some tight sexiness. Paired with an apricot-colored bag, this bag can also add sophistication to your outfit. Dark apricot bags will make LOOK look more intellectual.

LOOK2Wearing a brown suit makes you feel very capable and sophisticated. The brown mid-length jacket makes the outfit much calmer. Paired with a versatile black bottoming shirt, it avoids the boredom caused by the calm brown and makes the outfit more layered. Pair it with black high-heeled boots to directly enhance the aura of your outfit by several degrees, making it look fashionable and natural.

LOOK3The brown and blue plaid coat also looks fashionable. The darker color matching does not diminish the youthful and artistic feel of the outfit. The colliding colors make the visual look richer, and the coat is also full of literary and artistic feeling. Paired with a gray versatile sweatshirt, the outfit is in a literary and retro style while adding a sense of daily leisure.

LOOK4The black down jacket has a luxurious design and is elegant. The elegant down jacket has a strong aura, and when walking, the reflective down jacket looks very eye-catching. Paired with equally eye-catching black leather pants, the texture is equally high-end, without the need to blend in with other colors. This simple solid color look has a personalized and fashionable feel.

LOOK5The look of black leather pants can also be paired with a gray lamb jacket. The gray lamb jacket is relatively more versatile. Some dark tones of gray can make the outfit more versatile without losing elegance. Paired with slim-fitting black leather trousers, the high-quality fabric design will make every step stand out. It can also modify the leg lines and make the legs look slimmer.

LOOK6How to wear black to look like a sweet and cool girl? A black dress is full of fashion, and a classic black skirt makes the outfit look cooler. With some accessories inside, it doesn't look so angular. For example, there are metal chains around the neck and white bags. If you are worried that you can't hold on to a pure black outfit, you can layer a white shirt underneath to expose the white collar corners, which looks British retro style. It will add a lot to the feeling.

LOOK7Sexy street style outfits are also very nice. The mesh design makes the outfit more eye-catching, and the upper body is designed with a tube top and lace, which looks very sexy. The lower body is made of personalized retro printed black trousers. The patterns on both sides of the trousers are seamlessly connected, and it looks really eye-catching. Overall, it is a sexy retro style look that is more individual.

LOOK8Brown outfits can also get rid of boredom and look gentle. The brown coat drapes very well, and the cardigan coat design does not look too old or fat. The light brown shirt layered underneath makes the outfit look more layered. Paired with shawl long hair, the outfit is much gentler in a calm and clean style. White sneakers can also make this brown look more versatile for everyday use.

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