The Truth About Lily-Rose Depp's Relationship With Kiera Knightley

Kiera Knightley has spent a lot of time with Johnny Depp over the years. They did film three Pirates of the Caribbean movies together. Those blockbusters take a ton of time to film, not to mention all the press that's required of the actors upon each film's release. To this date, there doesn't appear to be any or working with Johnny. In fact, it seems like she had a very positive experience working with . On top of this, she seems to have taken an interest in building a relationship with Johnny's daughter, Lily-Rose.

Without a doubt, Lily-Rose Depp is slowly becoming a household name. While the daughter of Johnny and model Vanessa Paradis hasn't skyrocketed to success by riding her parents' coattails, inch by inch she's carving out a name for herself. And this includes starring in a movie opposite her father's Pirates co-star. But their connection seems to go further than that...

The Three Ways That Kiera Knows Lily-Rose

Kiera Knightley has been lucky enough to know Lily-Rose Depp in three distinct ways. First and foremost, she knows Lily-Rose through her insanely famous father. And while Johnny and Kiera have never appeared to be the best of friends, there does seem to be some affection there. in his highly-publicized lawsuit with his ex, Amber Heard.

Johnny has been publically respectful of Kiera Knightley over the years, albeit somewhat distant. However, he has stated that he found kissing her in Pirates of the Caribbean somewhat 'awkward' due to her much younger age. Kiera, however, has stated the opposite about kissing Johnny, and that she actually preferred kissing Johnny to her on-screen romantic interest, Orlando Bloom.

In theory, all of this should make Johnny's daughter a little uncomfortable around Kiera. But that doesn't seem to be the case. While the two are clearly still getting to know each other after filming the upcoming movie, Silent Night, there seems to be a natural affection between them. Perhaps Kiera feels somewhat protective over Lily-Rose as she was likely to know her as a child when her and Johnny were filming the Pirates movies? We're not sure. But we do know that they likely crossed paths back in those days.

Keira also knows Lily-Rose from the modeling and fashion world. Both women have been entrenched in that industry at the same time as acting. But so much of Lily-Rose Depp's early years were surrounded by modeling and therefore her name has become somewhat synonymous with the fashion industry. Both actors have had the same brand endorsements, been part of the same shoot with Karl Lagerfeld, and have been spotted .

And then there's their other more obvious commonality, acting. Right before the Pandemic, Kiera and Lily-Rose got reacquainted when they filming Silent Night (out in fall 2021). It's here that Kiera learned about the different sides of Lily-Rose.

Kiera And Lily-Rose Have Become Peers Thanks To Silent Night

In August 2021, in preparation for the release of Silent Night. In the interview, Keira shed led on the respect that she has come to have for Lily-Rose. Of course, Kiera was asked to do some research on Lily-Rose in preparation for the interview, but within that research, as well as the question she asked, came a true respect for the young star.

"I feel like I’ve been your stalker all morning, because I’ve been looking at loads of pictures of you," Kiera said to Lily-Rose in the interview.

"I’m so flattered," Lily-Rose responded.

"It’s been a bit creepy, actually. My husband woke up this morning and I was already looking at pictures of you. And he’s like, 'What the f*** are you doing?' I was looking at all of the work that you’ve been doing, and I think that your choices are super interesting. They’re weird and wonderful."

This is about as large of a compliment one actor can give another. After all, making the safe choice is rarely respected in the industry. And much like the beginning of her father's career, Lily-Rose has made some bold decisions as an actor. Some of which have paid off, others haven't.

In the interview, Kiera explained that she deeply respected the type of actor Lily-Rose is becoming. This is something that she got to see first-hand on the set of their upcoming movie. It's also the place where Lily-Rose could share her admiration for Kiera, someone who she claims to have looked up to ever since she was little.

Given their history and their present, it's highly likely that Kiera and Lily-Rose will work together again as well as further build their relationship.

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