These 7 "dog facts" owners need to know


1. The advantages of dog earsA dog's ears have 18 muscles, so it can move its ears freely. At the same time, its hearing is also very sensitive, about 16 times that of humans. It is difficult for humans to hear bass sounds 6 meters away, but dogs can hear bass sounds 24 meters away!

The hearing range of dogs is also very wide. The hearing range of humans is generally 20,000 Hz, while the hearing range of dogs is 40,000 Hz or even higher.

Therefore, ears are very important to dogs. Owners should pay attention to protecting their ears and cleaning them regularly to avoid ear infection and inflammation, which may lead to hearing loss.


2. The secret of dog nose fadingSome scavengers will find that their dog's nose will fade over time. In fact, dog nose discoloration is partly due to genetic inheritance, partly due to climate change and lack of pigment, and partly due to diseases (contact dermatitis, vitiligo, etc.).

As the weather gets colder, the tyrosinase in the nose is reduced and decomposed, and the dog's nose will fade. This phenomenon is called "snow nose". Generally, the color of the nose can be restored once the weather returns to normal and the temperature rises.


Insufficient pigmentation is mainly due to lack of sunlight and insufficient nutrition of the nose. Feeding some trace element tablets or seaweed powder to supplement nutrition and spending more time in the sun can promote pigmentation and make the nose brighter.

3. The secret of a dog's moist noseMany novice poop collectors know that a dog's nose can show health. If a dog's nose is moist, it means he is in good health? So does it mean that a dog is sick if his nose is not moist?

Of course not, the main secret of a dog's moist nose is that the dog licks its nose frequently to keep the tip of the nose moist and not dry, so that the olfactory cells inside can work normally.


Dry nose may be caused by the dog just waking up (not licking the nose yet), getting angry, drinking less water and licking less. Only when the dog is in low energy, has strange secretions from the nose, abnormal body temperature and dry nose, the dog is really sick. symptoms.

4. Can dogs lick wounds to speed up their healing?

Dogs like to lick their wounds, as anyone who has ever owned a dog knows. There is a saying that dogs like to lick wounds, which can speed up the healing of wounds.

The dog's saliva contains certain antibacterial ingredients and thrombin, which is indeed beneficial to the dog's wounds.


Licking the wound can also relieve some of its pain.

However, there are also many bacteria in dog saliva, which is very risky for humans, so it is best not to let your dog lick your wounds.

5. Dogs have two sweat glandsThere are actually two types of sweat glands on the dog's body. One is called epitrichous sweat glands, which are distributed on the coated skin of the whole body. They are mainly responsible for secreting oil and protecting the skin; the other are called hairless sweat glands, which are distributed on the foot pads and are responsible for secreting moisture and regulating.



Therefore, good dog owners should know that they cannot bathe their dogs frequently in a short period of time. This will damage the dog's skin and make it more sensitive and prone to inflammation.

In summer, you should pay attention to shaving the soles of your dog's feet to help it better regulate its body temperature. Dogs with poor skin and hair can be fed some lecithin or fish oil to protect their coat health.


6. Dogs' lumbar vertebrae are actually very fragileEven though the dog is a "four-wheel drive", in fact, its lumbar spine is under great pressure and is also very fragile. If a dog is overweight, the burden on its lumbar spine will also increase.

At the same time, it cannot often walk upright or go up and down stairs, especially going down stairs. This not only puts a heavy burden on the lumbar spine, but also easily damages the spinal nerves, causing paralysis of its hind limbs.

Anyone who is overweight by more than 20% and often lets his dog go up and down stairs or climb steps should pay attention to taking care of his dog's lumbar spine.


7. Dogs have a bad sense of taste?

Humans have about 10,000 taste bud cells, but dogs have an average of only 1,700 taste buds, which is about 6 times less.

This means that the taste that dogs can taste is only 1/6 of that of humans. For food, they will pay more attention to the smell and taste of food.

So have you found the reason why your dog is a picky eater? That is, the food must be fragrant enough and not too soft and tasteless when chewed. If you do both, your dog will love it very much!