European and American cool style outfits, full of aura


1The versatile white color can also be worn for a different look every day. Although it is a more everyday white, it feels different when paired with a dark apricot bag. Whether it is the texture of the outfit or the color matching, it looks more advanced. Paired with black boots, it also has a very autumn and winter atmosphere.


Gray silk fabric suits have a better drape and will look particularly slim when worn.


The inner wear is a dark blue suit, paired with a textured gray suit, which will make the outfit look more business-like. This dark blue suit is not a solid color. It adds a red and white necklace to the neckline design, so that it does not look so monotonous, and this small detail can also act as an embellishment.


A dark green down jacket doesn't look so everyday, but it can also make your outfit more personalized. Paired with a red sweater with prints on it, it will look more special. Paired with green and light green overalls, it will enhance the overall aura of the outfit.


Overall, it is a more individual and trendy outfit.


Dark gray suits also look very distinctive, because this color is darker, so it will look more advanced. This kind of minimalist style is very good to use in the workplace. It can make you look more formal. Paired with a white printed T-shirt, it won't look so boring. The black straight pants all over the body can also modify the leg lines and make the legs look more slender.



Orange suits with relatively high saturation have one characteristic, that is, they are very white and refreshing. Although this color is not easy to match, we can choose some versatile clothing to neutralize this sharp color. You can wear it with a brown tank top that exposes your abdominal muscles and looks sexy. Paired with versatile black trousers, it is also an unmistakable choice for everyday use.

LOOK6A brown suit jacket is still very classy and can make you shine on the street or in the workplace. You can never go wrong with the combination of white and black, a white sweater underneath, and black casual leather pants.


This simple and everyday outfit paired with a high-end and fashionable jacket can be applied to many places.

LOOK7Black striped down jacket, short design will not look too bulky. This short black down jacket is unique. It has stripes printed with letter patterns on it, and the design is stronger. Pair it with a black and yellow inner sweatshirt, so it's less likely to go wrong. A mix of blue and white sweatpants can also make your outfit full of casual style.


LOOK8Think a green suit is a bit provocative? It doesn't matter, we can wear a green plaid suit, which not only makes the outfit look more individual and eye-catching, but also makes it less selective about skin color. The inner layer is a red and green mixed sweater, which is also an embellishment to brighten the complexion. Pair it with sharp jeans to add a bit of softness to the more everyday style.

LOOK9Want to make your outfit cooler? A black short down jacket is indispensable. When paired with a simple design, the black down jacket has a very dazzling feel. Immediately, the fabric of this down jacket is reflective, giving people an eye-catching feeling. Paired with a bright red sweater and dark jeans, the aura is also very obvious.