Keira Knightley Refusing To Return to $6B Pirates Franchise After Disney Humiliated Johnny Depp? Actor Says Elizabeth Swann Has "Sailed away in brilliant style"

Johnny Depp gave birth to Jack Sparrow in the franchise. But right beside him, there was Keira Knightley creating history with her character of Elizabeth Swann. Fans of the franchise obviously want to see Depp return as the infamous pirate, but they also want Knightley to make a comeback as well. But is the actress interested in returning to another film set in the same universe?


In a recent ETonline interview, was asked if she was interested in reprising her role as Elizabeth Swann in a new film. To this, the acclaimed actress hinted that her time as the character is over. As per Knightley:

“What about Elizabeth Swan? I mean, she sailed away so nicely. She sailed away in brilliant style.”


As for whether she has fond memories of the franchise, the actress replied positively and thanked the films for launching her career. She said:

“It sort of launched me out of a rocket, really, as far as my career went. That year was Bend It Like Beckham, Love Actually and Pirates of the Caribbean. So, I’m being asked about all three. Unfortunately, I was 16 and 17. so I don’t really remember very much of it, but yes, it certainly was a very big year for me.”

Keira Knightley played Elizabeth Swann for the first time in (2003). She reprised her role in the next two sequels opposite Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp in and in 2006 and 2007 respectively. In the 2017 movie she appeared in a cameo role.

While a new film isn’t officially in development, there has been plenty of speculation and rumors about one.



Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the franchise, was interviewed by ET at the Oscars and he hinted that another potential film in the franchise is in active development. As per Bruckheimer:

“We’re all working on it. We’ll see how it comes out. But we’re all very excited. I think we’re gonna have a great screenplay, and we’re getting close.”


As for whether will reprise his iconic role, Bruckheimer said that he would love to have the star in the future film. As per the producer:

“We’ll see. I would love it. I would love to have him in the movie. That’s all I can tell you.”

It was once rumored that a female-led film set in the franchise was in development with Margot Robbins as the lead. There have been no official updates on that movie as well as on any other that might be in development. As such, it remains to be seen if another film actually materializes or not.

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