5 types of cats that are “common to human nature”


1. Mysterious Cat

Lifespan: 12-15 years. Xuan cat is also the name of black cat in ancient times. In the eyes of ancient people, Xuan cat has the function of controlling the house and warding off evil spirits. It is a kind of cat that many dignitaries will pursue~

Mysterious cats have a very high IQ, they have strong imitation abilities, and they have their own ideas. But once you raise them, they will recognize you as their master and only recognize you as their master. Other birds will not like them, and they are very understanding.


A humane cat, once it recognizes you, will act according to your wishes.

2. American Shorthair Cat

Lifespan: 15-20 years. American Shorthair cats are native cats from the United States. They are naturally lively and outgoing, not aggressive towards people, and like to get along with people. American Shorthair cats are also very smart, with the highest IQ in the cat world. They It has strong imitation ability and is highly trainable. It is also a good companion for its owner. It will accompany the owner and pick up items for the owner.


Once it recognizes you, its loyalty is quite high~

3. Sphynx cat

Life span: about 12 years. Hairless cats are artificially bred cats. They are born without hair and are suitable for people who are allergic to cat hair. Although hairless cats look a bit strange, they are actually approachable and very docile cats. Moreover, hairless cats are considerate cats. They never force others to do anything, and they will not stretch out their claws towards their owners. They are very humane~

4. Maine Coon Cat


Life span: about 12-15 years. Maine Coon cats are one of the large cats. They have slender hair and domineering looks. They look very cool and handsome. If you raise a Maine Coon cat and take it out with you, it will definitely turn heads. Maine Coon cats are known as gentle giants. They are naturally docile, loyal to their owners, and know how to get along with people. They are very humane cats~

5. Cihuamao


Life span: about 15-17 years. Cihuahua cats are the most famous among our pastoral cats. They have many advantages. They are not picky about food, easy to feed, and have good physical fitness. Cihuahua cats are loyal cats. Once you raise them, they will It will never leave you and is a very loyal cat. The civet cat is also very understanding of human nature. It can understand what its owner says and act according to the owner's wishes. The civet cat that is very humane will also miss its owner. He will come to the door early and wait for his owner to come home. Having a civet cat is like finding a treasure~