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Switzerland🇨🇭A country worth flying to alone

Many people who travel to Europe will stop by Switzerland for a day or two, but the beauty of Switzerland cannot be truly appreciated in just one or two days. Unlike any European country, Switzerland is like an independent paradise and fairy tale village in Europe. When you arrive in Switzerland, you may not realize that it is a rich and developed country.

Continuous mountains, large green areas, crystal clear rivers, blue lakes, wooden houses, cattle and sheep... It's so original and so dreamy that even if you drop your camera on the ground, you can take a picture like an oil painting. You will sigh all the time: There is such a breathtakingly beautiful paradise on earth in the world! In China, the beautiful scenery may be outside the city, but in Switzerland, the city is within the beautiful scenery.

📍LucerneAlso translated as Lucerne, it is not large in area, but it has Lake Lucerne, one of the five largest lakes in Switzerland. It is surrounded by the famous Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi. It is a quiet town with beautiful lakes and mountains. What will definitely appear on Lucerne's postcards is the Chapel Bridge, which is the oldest existing wooden bridge in Europe built in the first half of the 14th century. It is decorated with colorful flowers all year round, just like the finishing touch of Lucerne.

In addition to the famous Sleeping Lion, I would also like to introduce the world's steepest cog-rail mountaineering railway that hovers on Mount Pilatus and has an inclination of 48 degrees. If you want to experience the cog train that goes straight into the sky, you can take a boat at the Lucerne Pier to the foot of Mount Pilatus and take the cog rail to the Pilatus Kulm. You can see the entire Lake Lucerne and the sea of clouds along the way. On the way back, take the panoramic cable car 🚠down the mountain to see Lucerne. With a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery, there will definitely be no regrets on this trip.

📍InterlakenInterlaken's original Latin meaning is between two lakes, and it is the only way to the Jungfraujoch. The most beautiful thing about Switzerland is the combination of mountains and lakes, and Interlaken is the most classic embodiment. This small town is located between Lake Thun and Lake Blitz. The lake is blue and clear, reflecting the beautiful scenery of the village. Walking on the grass, you can see the Jungfraujoch from anywhere. No matter what season, it is as beautiful as an oil painting.

Interlaken's topographic features make it a resort for extreme sports: bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, rock climbing, surfing, cross-country skiing... If you have enough time, you can climb Jungfraujoch to enjoy the scenery on the top of the mountain. Take a direct ride from Interlaken The train gets off at grindewald, and you must check out the observation deck at the top of the mountain. But it should be noted that you must check the weather before climbing Jungfraujoch. If it rains and is foggy🌫️, the scenery on the mountain will be greatly reduced, so there is no need to go.

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