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The Answer If Ana-Maria Mărgean Will Be The Next 'AGT' Ventriloquist Winner Like Darci Lynne EXPOSED!

The 13-year-old winner of ‘Romania's Got Talent’ is the only ventriloquist in the ‘AGT: All-Stars’ finale courtesy of the Superfan voters.

Three ventriloquists have won to date:  Terry Fator won Season 2,  Paul Zerdin won Season 10, and then-12-year-old  Darci Lynne won Season 12. It’s possible that Ana-Maria Mărgean could become the next ventriloquist to win the talent competition because she’s just that good.

When the 13-year-old winner of took the stage on night five of judges  Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and   and host  Terry Crews had already awarded the final Golden Buzzer of the season—the group Golden Buzzer—to British singer  Tom Ball, so Ana-Maria’s only hope of making the finale was to win the Superfan vote, which she did. Funny note, Terry Fator, who was her inspiration to take up ventriloquism, auditioned on night one of  but the Superfans didn’t put him through.

Ana-Maria did a funny bit with her “rescue” dog puppet Waldo, who musically informed his mistress “You Don’t Own Me,” singing a terrific rendition of the  Lesley Gore song. Of course, Ana-Maria contradicted him with an even better singing voice. The performance with its combination of humor and  brought all three judges and the audience to their feet.

“Wow! I mean, no wonder you won,” Heidi said. “You are incredible. You’re gorgeous. You can sing so beautifully. I love your furry friend. And it was funny, too. I love all the banter and the .”

Howie told her, “I was laughing. And I cannot believe your story that you just started doing this during lockdown. You don’t even have two years under your belt. That is amazing. How did you get the puppet?"

“My mom actually made it for me,” Ana-Maria responded. After which, Simon pretended he thought it was a real dog.

Howie continued, “The fact that this was something you looked up online. The fact that you were inspired by people you saw on you are an . The Superfans are going to love you.”

Simon wrapped it up saying, “For me, I love seeing someone who’s won from another country come to America to compete again. It’s just really, really exciting when you see the best of the best compete with each other. You are really funny, and I really like your dog.”

Ana-Maria’s journey to  began during the COVID lockdown. One day, she was bored with nothing to do so she watched a video of Terry Fator and she was really impressed. She was, “Oh, my God! He’s so good.”

She was curious how it worked, and then, on her 11th, her parents surprised her with a puppet she named her Lizzy.

“We’re best friends now,” Ana-Maria said. “I also have other puppets, they’re my sisters and brothers. Ventriloquism in my country is really not that popular, so when I got the Golden Buzzer [on ], I was like, ‘Is this really happening?’ In the finals, I was nervous, of course. I tried to pinch myself to see if [winning] was real. I just couldn’t believe it.”

After the show, her  changed completely. Not only did she guest on TV shows and do interviews for newspapers and such, but she was able to help her .

“Before I went on my family lived in a small apartment,” she added. “Now, we’re living in a house and it’s so good to be able to live in a house you built.”

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