Versatile and high-end commuting style, frosted manicure


Becoming beautiful can be achieved as long as we work hard.

Delicacy and beauty do not lie in expensive clothes and bags, but in the details~

Beibi, who pays attention to details, looks over. Xiaolin has compiled a variety of versatile and high-end commuter manicure styles for you, so you can use them to become beautiful! !

Reddish brown tone/oil painting/smudge dyeing, warm color, not picky, high-end

I only have a heart that loves you - peach red, suitable for fair-skinned girls


Coffee style small eggshell, versatile OL

Girly pink and purple, you will always shine

Wine-red strawberries, simple pattern, low-key beauty

Whoever applies it has a beautiful red bean paste style, the color is super friendly, yellow skin loves it the most


Maple leaf red, single color jump paint

Simple black and white, small pearls create a sense of elegance

Yellow-skinned girls love it best, choose a good color, two shades of white

Dirty purple, paired with milky white, simple lines outline elegance