These behaviors of dogs are repaying kindness.


In fact, dogs know how to repay kindness. If you are kind to them, they will remember it and repay you. I secretly tell you that these behaviors of dogs are repaying kindness, don't believe it!

licking behaviorDogs express gratitude by licking their owners. They may lick their owner's hands, face, or other parts. This is a form of intimacy and interaction, and it is also a way for dogs to express love and gratitude to their owners.

Physical contactWhen dogs repay a favor to their owners, they may actively seek physical contact.


They will come close to their owners and lie next to them or on their laps to show their attachment and gratitude to their owners. This close physical contact strengthens the bond between them and their owners.

protection and vigilanceThe dog's protection and vigilance towards its owner is a form of repayment. They will always be alert to potential dangers and protect their owners' safety. When a dog proactively protects its owner from a threat, it is an affectionate reward for its owner.


learn and obeyAn important way for dogs to repay their owners is through learning and obedience. They will try their best to understand their owner's instructions and expectations and strive to comply. By displaying good behavior, dogs hope to reciprocate the love and care shown to them by their owners.

Not fighting back when beatenNo matter how smart dogs are, they will occasionally get into trouble, and many pet owners will beat their dogs when they are angry. However, a dog that comes to repay a favor will not fight back.


It will accept it willingly and feels that it is the right thing for its owner to educate itself. of.

When a dog makes a mistake, you should not use violence. This is not good for the dog. It is best to catch the dog and let the dog understand that it should not do this, so that the dog will not make this kind of mistake again in the future. If the dog corrects itself, you can reward it with some snacks appropriately, so that it will listen to you more.

Never leave youNo matter you are poor or rich, your dog will never abandon you, which shows that your dog is really here to "repay your kindness"! Even if the owner does not give the dog three meals a day, the dog will always follow you, which means that the dog recognizes you as its lifelong owner!