nails autumn丨Autumn gentle manicure styles


Although the autumn air is crisp and the temperature is just right, people in the north should continue to wear sun protection~

Go ahead and collect.

Recently, I have collected several new manicures suitable for early autumn. They are purple orchid nude colors, low saturation, and not picky. The yellow-skinned babies are also clueless.

Nude shimmer: gentle and slightly sweet, suitable for the evening after the rain in early autumn


Frosted peach: low saturation milky white + sweet brown, playful French edge, OL commuter and high-end

Amber manicure: amber glue + blending, a little light green and gold edges, high-end and gentle

Sweet and sweet: jelly peach color/cat eye glue, fine glitter edge sealing, high-end sweetness

Nude powder fragments: high translucency ice color base, random glitter, a touch of tenderness after the rain


There is a galaxy in your hand: different combinations of jelly powder + cat eye

Eggshell lattice: eggshells and lattice match so cleverly, minimalist style

Girl's bow: If a girl lives in our heart, we will always be young

Autumn seaside: blue smudged, low saturation and not picky


快乐星球:随机的白线条轨迹 小星星 你的全部宇宙