Teach you how to make cute and delicious snacks


Today I'm going to share a very cute little snack. Let's call it a snack. It can actually be used as afternoon tea or as a main meal for breakfast. Especially for children, or for adults like Yuyu who still have a childlike heart, they will fall in love when they see it. I will be full of joy and want to try it.

Look, isn't it very cute? Pumpkin puree is cleverly added to make the whole product taste sweet. No additives are used in the shape, which is very healthy! Friends who like it must collect it! Detailed tutorial Yuyu teaches you how to do it!


【Pudding Dog Burger】

Prepare ingredients:

Polish dough: 19g high-gluten flour, 19g water, 0.5g yeastMain dough: 75g high-gluten flour, 16g whole egg liquid, 5g milk powder, 10g vegetable oil, 35g pumpkin puree, 1g yeast, 1g salt.

Decoration: appropriate amount of dark chocolate.

Production Method:

1. Make the Polish dough first. Mix all three ingredients directly until there is no dry powder, then place it at room temperature 26 degrees Celsius and ferment until the surface is filled with bubbles, which will take about 2-3 hours.


2. Steam the pumpkin in water, mash it into puree, let it cool and then weigh it. Weigh all the fermented Polish dough and other ingredients, knead into a ball and form a thin film. If the amount is small, you can fold it and knead it by hand. When you double the amount, you can use a chef's machine or a bread machine to knead the dough.


3. Make the kneaded dough slightly round, cover it with plastic wrap, and let it rise for the first time at a temperature below 30 degrees until it doubles in size.

4. Divide the dough into two small pieces of 80g to make the bread dough, and use the 5g piece of dough to make small ears. Add a little cocoa powder to the remaining dough and knead it into a brown dough. This will be used to make the pudding dog's hat.



5. Place a slightly rounded shape into the mold and cut the dough into small pieces. Perform final proofing. The temperature is about 35 degrees and the time is 35-40 minutes. The fermented dough will obviously increase in size. Glue the ear part and the small hat.

6. Preheat the oven in advance, set the middle layer to 170 degrees, and bake for about 15 minutes. This is a sugar-free bread, and the surface will not turn color after baking.


7. Take out the baked bread and place it on the drying net. After melting a little chocolate in water, use a small toothpick to draw facial features. Isn't it very cute after you finish the drawing? For the stuffing part, you can put whatever you like into it! Lots of choices!

This cartoon-shaped snack uses pumpkin as one of the raw materials, so the finished product has a natural color. It is shaped like a pudding dog and is very cute.


The stuffed fish is made into fried chicken steak and mayonnaise. Cheese salad and lettuce. You can put whatever your children like to eat~the whole shape and taste are very good! I recommend you give it a try! You can also use your imagination to make more interesting snacks!


1. The amount of the recipe can be used to make two finished products. If you make a large amount, you can directly double the entire amount. Please do not increase or decrease a single ingredient. 2. There is no need to add sugar to this ingredient, but please pay attention to buying sweeter pumpkins. The current Beibei pumpkins are very good! It must be steamed over water!