Who can resist this caramel manicure?


Super classic, autumn amber~

Add a little aurora to the red and brown tones, and there will be an extra beam of light in your life~

Early autumn is suitable for lightness, don’t let melancholy amplify~

Sometimes you can be a little deeper


Occasionally, a little oil painting atmosphere

Sometimes the mountains are high and the clouds are wide

It's a flower in the garden

It’s the millet flowers with dew in the morning~


It’s the flowers in the afternoon

It's a cloud in the sky

He's also a laborer in a cubicle.

Or a cup of coffee to cheer you up in the afternoon

Or a bouquet of roses at weekend dining


It’s the sunset with orange light

It’s the twilight glow that the migrant workers have no time to appreciate as the sun sets.

It is an oil painting garden created by a master

It’s a cup of hot tea held in both hands

Occasionally have some matcha