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10 Major Roles Johnny Depp Turned Down or Didn't Get

For an actor of Johnny Depp's stature, identifying good scripts is as essential as acting. Here's some major roles that Depp didn't get or turned down

 has become a household name throughout the globe. The superstar responsible is responsible for some blockbuster films like and Throughout his long-spanning career, Depp has taken up some challenging and unconventional roles in an attempt to always present something fresh for the audience's palette. In this quest for thinking out of the box and not getting stuck in a stereotype, it’s only natural for the globally-known movie star to have also missed out on a few projects. Here are some movies that Johnny Depp didn’t get or turned down.

Sin City (2005)

Based on Frank Miller’s neo-noir graphic novel of the same name, is directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez.  originally had its eyes on Johnny Depp playing the role of a corrupt detective named Jackie Boy, in “The Big Fat Kill” segment. Having agreed to the role, Depp had to back out from the part due to other commitments, and the makers of the film brought Benicio del Toro to replace Depp.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

may not be Francis Ford Coppola’s most famous film, but this could’ve changed had the studio behind the film not rejected Depp for Jonathan Harker’s role. The role then went to Keanu Reeves, who did an equally good job in the film. Despite not being an overly successful film, has  and is a revered piece of art among the fans of the bloodsucking vampire.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Regarded as  of the '80s, single-handedly launched Mathew Broderick to superstardom. Though this wasn’t always going to be the case. Before Broderick’s casting, a lot of other big names were on the list for the same role, such as Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., and Johnny Depp. Having initially agreed to play the titular role, Depp had to step down due to scheduling conflicts, paving the way for Mathew Broderick to take over.

The Rainmaker (1997)

Another possible Coppola - Depp collaboration that could have played out was Johnny Depp was in contention to play the role of Rudy Baylor, a young attorney, that wants to do the right thing regardless of the cost it comes at. Despite being in the race initially, the role of Rudy went to Matt Damon, as the studio deemed him to be a bigger star than Depp at that point in time.

Face/Off (1997)

Before Travolta signed on to play the role of a vengeful FBI agent, , the role was Depp’s for the taking, with Marco Brambilla set to direct the film. In a funny turn of events, Depp read the script and realized the film wasn’t about hockey and passed on it. After Depp departed from the project, Brambilla followed suit and was eventually replaced by John Woo and the rest, as they say, is history.

Titanic (1997)

It’s hard to think of anybody else playing Jack Dawson’s role except Leonardo DiCaprio. Dawson’s role propelled DiCaprio to global superstardom, making him one of the largest movie stars of that time. Though, things could have played out very differently. Before DiCaprio was brought on board, a lot of big names were considered for the role, with Depp being one of them. Depp eventually passed on the script as he thought it was too laborious and boring

Signs (2002)

is considered to be one of . The sci-fi horror film revolves around father Graham Hess and his family that migrates to an isolated farmhouse and soon start witnessing strange happenings in their fields. Before Mel Gibson, Depp’s name was in contention for the role of Graham Hess, but the studio decided to go ahead with Gibson.

Speed (1994)

 is arguablyone of the best action films of the '90s. The film sees Keanu Reeves play the role of an LAPD SWAT officer, Jack, who takes on an ex-cop turned bomber in Dennis Hopper. In an ironic twist of fate, Depp and Reeves were again in the race for the same role, with Depp being offered the role first. Depp passed on it and the role, and it was given to Keanu Reeves.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

In Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic, Depp was in contention for Tim Roth’s role of Pumpkin.  Tarantino explained his choice of actors for the role of Pumpkin with Tim Roth being at the top of his list, followed by Christian Slater and Johnny Depp. While producer Mike Medavoy preferred Depp to Roth, as Depp could bring huge star power to the film, Tarantino retaliated by questioning how much Depp could add to the box office if he was only at the start and the end of the film.

The Matrix (1999)

is one of the best film franchises in the world. The film serves as another instance where Depp and Reeves were considered for the same role, with Johnny Depp being the Wachowski Sisters’ first preference for the role. Depp then got the role over Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer (who the top brass at Warner Bros. preferred) Depp backed out due to his busy schedule and Reeves was roped in to play the role of Neo, launching him into superstardom.

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