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Pirates Of The Caribbean: 10 Most Iconic Quotes From The Movies

Who knew a movie based on a Disney World ride would ever be so successful but 19 years after the release of the first movie, the iconic movie series is still getting buzz. While it's unclear when the series will get the sixth installment, or whether the series main star, Johnny Depp, will appear, fans have still shown devoted loyalty to the early installments of the series.

owes its success to several factors. Among these are the great characters, and the memorable lines that they are often associated with. The lines and quotes have become iconic to not just the characters, but the series as a whole, and are why fans keep returning to watch the movies again and again.

Captain Jack Sparrow's Catch Phrase

"This Is The Day You Will Always Remember As The Day You Almost Caught Captain Jack Sparrow."

Any fan is sure to be familiar with Captain Jack Sparrow's catchphrase. He first gives this line during his daring escape from James Norrington at Port Royal, but he would go on to repeat it several more times throughout the series.

While Jack can often come off as clumsy and mad, he has proven himself to be far more capable and intelligent than he appears. While the authorities have often underestimated him, he has managed to prove himself difficult to catch.

A Bad Reputation Is Still A Reputation

James Norrington: "You Are Without Doubt The Worst Pirate I've Ever Heard Of."

Jack Sparrow: "But You Have Heard Of Me."

What makes Jack such an interesting character is the many contradictions within his personality. From the outside, he appears to be the pirate stereotype of drunk and sloppy. However, as the characters and audience get to know him, he reveals himself to be both capable, and (fairly) moral.

In one of , Norrington mistakenly identifies Jack as a sad excuse for a pirate, but he soon learns that Jack has a reputation for a reason.

Jack's Ironic Advice

"You Need To Find Yourself A Girl, Mate."

Much of the story of the first few Pirates movies revolves around Will and Elizabeth, who met each other as children and carried a soft spot for one another going into their adulthood. Will was of a considerably lower class than Elizabeth, so instead of pursuing her, he focused on his craft, smithing.

When is foiled by Will and the abundance of swords that he created, he assumes that Will needs to find himself a woman. What he doesn't realize at the time was that Will had a woman, and they would both soon cause him a lot of trouble.

Poor Poor Jack Sparrow

"Why Is The Rum Always Gone?"

Jack is always on the lookout for a bottle of rum and it always seems that when he has it, it never lasts for long. Jack repeats a line similar to this several times throughout the series, and audiences always get amusement at watching him think for a moment he has found rum and then watching him be disappointed.

This also gives Jack levity, as no matter how tense the situation is that he has found himself, he always has a mind for what he thinks is truly important: rum.

A Reality Check From Captain Barbosa

"You'd Best Start Believing In Ghost Stories, Missie. You're In One!"

When Elizabeth Swan was first taken aboard the Black Pearl, she had no idea what she was in for. She knew that her life was in danger, but she could never have been prepared for the cursed reality that she now existed within. With a scoff, she tells Barbossa that she no longer believes in ghost stories.

From that moment on, Elizabeth's life would be a ghost tale. From cursed pirate gold, Davy Jones' Locker, and her fate as the wife of the ruler of the seas himself, the world would never be normal for her again.

A Romantic Farewell

"Keep A Weather Eye On The Horizon."

Will and Elizabeth are a tragic tale. Much of the series is about them trying to find their way back to each other, going back to the first time that Elizabeth was kidnapped by pirates. From that moment, they had their wedding crashed, and Will ended up doomed to only return to her every 10 years.

This line perfectly exemplifies their relationship of waiting for one another over many decades. Thankfully, Will's curse was eventually broken and audiences can hope they were able to finally live together in peace.

When Making A Plan...

"I Told Myself, Think Like Jack."

Jack is notorious for his outlandish schemes that just seem like they shouldn't work. However, in the world of the franchise, Jack always manages to come out on top of things, making him one of the .  While the people around him are never quite sure where he is going with a plan, they have learned to trust him.

Will acknowledges this with his line, stating that when he needed to make his own plan, he decided to think like Jack. The plan did seem like something Jack would have done, but the infamous pirate ultimately gave Will his disapproval.

They're All Mad Together

"Better Mad With The Rest Of The World Than Sane Alone."

As the Governor's daughter, Elizabeth should have been surrounded by crystal and beautiful gowns. However, the series has shown that that was never her destiny. From the moment that she spotted Will Turner floating in the water on the crossing from England, her tie to pirates was solidified.

In this line to James Norrington, Elizabeth reveals much more than she was discussing. She shows that she was never meant for the life she should have led and that she couldn't fight the current that was pulling her along.

Nothing Goes According To Plan

"I Just Thought I'd Be Married By Now."

As Will and Elizabeth chased each other around the Caribbean, their paths met and diverged several times. While Will was dedicated to her, he felt conflicted about what he felt he owed to his father. As Elizabeth dealt with her guilt over the loss of Jack, she pulled away from Will herself.

The two only wanted to be together, but the world always got in the way. This was iconic of Elizabeth, whose simple dreams came second to the responsibilities of her story.

An Inspirational Speech Goes A Long Way

"By The Sweat Of Our Brow And The Strength Of Our Backs And The Courage In Our Hearts! Gentlemen, Hoist The Colors!"

Much to everyone's surprise, Elizabeth found herself as King of the Pirates by the end of . While the Caribbean pirates doubted her ability and leadership, she proved to truly understand the spirit of freedom that defined their lives.

She showed with her inspirational speech that she had what it took to lead, and her words brought together the most unlikely group of allies, allowing them to fight and survive another day.

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