Baking | Gradual Pink Raspberry Margarite Biscuit


💗 Preparation materials:

Butter: 50 grams

Sugar powder: 25 grams

Salt: 1 gram

1 steamed egg yolk

Low gluten flour: 50g

Corn starch: 45 grams

Raspberry powder: 8g

💗 Step:

one ️⃣ Soften the butter at room temperature to a state where you can easily press your fingerprints. Add sugar powder and salt, and beat evenly with an egg beater

two ️⃣ Sift in the cooked egg yolk, mix well with a scraper, then add low gluten flour and corn starch through the sieve, stir a few times, and then wear gloves to knead into a ball


three ️⃣ Divide evenly into three parts, and add 1g, 2.5g, and 4.5g of raspberry powder to each of the three dough pieces to create a gradient color

four ️⃣ Evenly knead all three into long strips (if the dough is too soft, refrigerate it appropriately), about 42cm long. Arrange the three strips of dough from deep to light colors and stack them together. Gently pinch and glue them with your hand, and cut them into 2cm small pieces


five ️⃣ Gently round each one with the palm of your hand, taking care not to mix the colors together

six ️⃣ Rub them one by one and place them on the baking tray, pressing one pit with each finger

seven ️⃣ Preheated oven, bake at 150 for 22 minutes, then pay attention to coloring and covering with tin foil