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Master two techniques to make steak super tender

Black pepper steakIn fact, there are many ways to cook and taste steak. The one recommended here is the most popular black pepper steak. This steak is characterized by a slightly crispy outer skin, tender and juicy meat inside, and a very rich taste. Moreover, the spiciness of black pepper and the mellow taste of beef are paired together, and the taste is fragrant. Let's take a look at the methods below. I will summarize these two steak frying techniques at the end!

Homemade black pepper steak recipeIngredients: a piece of steakIngredients: salt, pepper, olive oil, light soy sauce, oil, starch, garlic cloves, onions, mushrooms, okra.

Production steps:

steak1. In fact, the chefs in the restaurant know very well that whether the texture and taste of the steak can be successfully made, a very critical step lies in the selection of raw materials. If you like to eat tender and juicy steak, it is best to choose filet mignon.

If you like thin For some chewy ones, it's best to choose sirloin steak. Both types are easily available in supermarkets and online stores. It's best to buy fresh ones.

marinated steak2. If you buy frozen meat, you must first let it rest indoors, return it to room temperature, and then marinate it. Otherwise, the frying time will be different due to the difference in heat between the inside and outside.

The outside will be cooked but the inside will not be hot yet. Use the back of the knife to gently hammer the front and back a few times, but don't hammer too much or it will turn into minced meat! Sprinkle a little salt on both sides, not too much, because the sauce will be made later, sprinkle some black peppercorns, evenly apply olive oil, you can also use peanut oil or soybean oil instead, and then let it sit for half an hour;

Pan-fried steak3. It is best to use a thicker frying pan to fry the steak. It will be heated evenly and not easy to burn. It has been coated with olive oil, so put the steak directly after the pan is hot. Don't fry the steak for too long. It will take about five minutes at most to be considered fully cooked. During the frying process, pay attention to turning it over in time. Turning it every half minute can ensure that the steak is heated evenly and the outside will not be burnt. At the same time, you can add sliced mushrooms, okra and other side dishes to fry together;

steak sauce4. The last step is to make the black pepper sauce. Add vegetable oil to the wok, add minced garlic and diced onions. When they are golden brown, add oil, light soy sauce and black peppercorns and stir-fry together. Then pour in a little water starch to thicken the sauce. , when the sauce thickens, turn off the heat and pour it onto the steak!

Black pepper steak5. The steak fried in this way is absolutely tender and juicy, and it is not as tender as can be made in a Western restaurant.

Black pepper steak cooking tips1. If you want to make delicious steak, many people will definitely tell you to choose a good piece of beef. A piece of top-quality Australian Wagyu beef will not taste bad no matter how you cook it. However, when cooking general beef, you must pay attention to the marinating step. Applying olive oil in advance can ensure that every part will not be burned during frying, creating a crispy texture on the outside and tender on the inside.

2. The frying pan must not be too thin, otherwise the surface of the pan will heat up too quickly and the steak will be easily scorched. You should turn it over in time during the frying process so that the steak is heated evenly and tastes better!

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