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7 symptoms that prove your dog is "spoiled"

Extremely lazyYour dog has become super lazy, always relying on you to do everything for it, and is too lazy to even move on its own. It treats you like a housekeeper and becomes a master yourself! This situation is obviously spoiled by you. Stop pampering it and give it the right guidance, otherwise it will pay less and less attention to you.

Rebellious and disobedientOnce spoiled, your dog will become disobedient. If you ask it to go east, it will go west; if you tell it not to go to high places, it will jump up. It is simply synonymous with rebellion! Moreover, even if it is scolded by you, it will not learn the lesson and will continue to make mistakes next time.

Selfish and domineeringIf your dog becomes selfish, unwilling to share his toys, treats, or food with other dogs, or is even chased away when he comes near, that is a clear sign of being spoiled. If this attitude is not stopped, the consequences can be disastrous. You may even be bitten if you touch its food.

King of the familyYour dog suddenly becomes arrogant and unscrupulous at home because you usually dote on it too much and raise it like a little emperor. In its heart, it is the boss of the family and does not take you seriously at all. But once outside, it became timid again because it didn't understand other people's tempers.

Dominate territoryUnder normal circumstances, dogs will not compete with their owners for territory. They regard you as the guardian of their territory. But a spoiled dog will treat the entire home as its own territory and won't let you get close. It thinks that everything in the home, including you, is its property.

Act coquettishlyA spoiled dog is like a spoiled child. If its demands are not met, it will start to make a fuss and act coquettishly. Faced with this situation, don't be soft-hearted, educate it well and let it understand that such behavior is not advisable. You can use rewards to motivate it and let it know what is right.

food maniacAre your dogs often snatching food from you? If so, be careful, it has been spoiled by you. It takes advantage of your love for it. Every time you eat something, it always grabs it without any courtesy.

But you must stop this behavior, not only because you are worried about it being spoiled by you, but also because human food is not suitable for dogs, and eating too much may cause hair loss and tear stain problems.

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