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“I had to kiss him several times. It was 16 times”: Johnny Depp’s Kiss With Carey Mulligan Was So Horrible It Was Removed For Their Movie ‘Public Enemy’

Pride & Prejudice actor Carey Mulligan’s impressive roster of films and series has elevated the actor from a very early age to the tier of A-listers. Her classical beauty further contributed to making her a favorite among directors for period drama projects. But, Mulligan was not one to be typecast into a specific genre and soon enough, she defied the impending norm and broke out via films like Drive and Hold On To Me. However, it was the 2009 film Public Enemies that proved the actor could stand her ground, even beside the time’s tour de force, Christian Bale and Johnny Depp.

Carey Mulligan Had a Difficult Time Kissing Johnny Depp

When it comes to established actors in the industry, they too have celebrity crushes and unrequited love at first sight when they see someone on the silver screen. For , those actors included the likes of and , and as fate would have it, Mulligan’s talent catapulted her into the sets of films that would witness her working alongside both. But one can well imagine how flustered she had grown in the presence of her childhood crush.

In an appearance on The Graham Norton Show , the celebrity recounted how a scene was edited out of the movie she shot with Depp because of how terrible it was: “I had to kiss him several times. It was 16 times, but it was cut out of the film because I looked so uncomfortable.” The film in question is the Michael Mann-directed crime thriller drama, Public Enemies released in 2009 where Carey Mulligan played the role of Carol Slayman, a prostitute who Depp’s character, John Dillinger, often visited.

Johnny Depp’s Reputation as an On-Screen Kisser Revealed

The Carey Mulligan incident on the sets of Public Enemies can be discounted on the basis that the actor was already too flustered to be in the presence of Johnny Depp. When it comes to others, however, they are not so quick to crumble under the pressure of kissing the Pirates actor. His co-star, who plays Billie Frechette in the Michael Mann film claimed, 

“Johnny Depp is a very, very nice guy. I was very nervous but he was very protective of me and if you really want to know, he is a very, very good kisser.”

And while Cotillard, a distinguished actor in her own right had reserved a graceful memory of the experience, Depp’s co-star from Once Upon a Time in Mexico , , was a bit more scandalous in her recollection of kissing the actor on screen. Mendes later revealed to Us Weekly , “All of my screen kisses were the best, though I regret not kissing Johnny Depp for longer.” Most recently, Carey Mulligan delivered a jaw-dropping performance in Promising Young Woman, and her upcoming project involves the -directed biopic, Maestro , which releases on Netflix this year.

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