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European and American sweet and cool girly style LOOK

LOOK1Dark brown coats are extremely cool, and dark brown is also a more European and American style. This dark brown mixed with black suit feels super A. The coat is mid-length and looks elegant. Paired with a calm black LOOK, the calm and capable aura exuding from the outfit will be particularly obvious.

LOOK2White sherpa jacket, short and dynamic. Milky white outfits can also make you look gentle. Paired with a black bag, this bag can make your outfit look more textured and stable. Paired with versatile jeans, it's also a good choice. The everyday commuting style of jeans merges with the gentleness of a white sherpa jacket. Make your outfit more eye-catching.

LOOK3A black and white striped shirt looks more everyday. The black striped pattern makes the white T-shirt look less monotonous. More Japanese and lively. Paired with versatile wide-leg jeans, it not only modifies the leg lines, but also makes the outfit more street-friendly. White sneakers can also make your look more casual.

LOOK4The black suit is very cool. In addition to keeping warm, the black sweater also has a clean temperament extracted from the calm color scheme. Paired with black wide-leg pants, the contoured trousers can make the outfit look more aura and add a lot of casual feel. Looks quite natural.

LOOK5A black vest paired with a blue shirt is also very good. Simple layering can make your outfit more layered. The second is to pair it with dark blue hole-in-the-wall jeans. The characteristic of this kind of jeans is that they have a great sense of design. The hole design gives people a sense of street style design. Pair it with white canvas shoes for a very casual and fashionable look.

LOOK6The black printed down jacket looks great. Because the black down jacket collides with other colors, this tie-dye design is very cool. Colorful tones are more natural when paired with black as the base color. Black slim-fitting pants and white sneakers are also very versatile. Compared with this kind of more designed top, casual and versatile tights can better outline the lines of the legs and give people a relaxed and moderate effect.

LOOK7The white sherpa jacket is also very simple. Grandma's white is paired with a black dress. The simple design makes the outfit look more upscale. Paired with a black bag, it also looks very professional. Pair a cool and sweet black dress with a white sherpa jacket. The collision of fashion and gentle style makes the look even more special.

LOOK8The dark gray sherpa jacket can also be said to represent winter. The dark gray design gives people a gentle and personalized feeling. Paired with light blue jeans, this simple design is really good. You can wear a small vest underneath to make your outfit look more sexy while commuting.

LOOK9The blue and white plaid coat is an intellectual and gentle royal-sister style outfit. A gray coat worn around the neck. Such a more casual LOOK can add layering to your outfit. You can freely express your own style inside. Pair it with black canvas shoes to make the outfit appear more commuting while being intellectually elegant.

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