“I’m glad I got it”: Keira Knightley Had to Beg Johnny Depp to Kiss Her After The Dark Knight Star Marion Cotillard Called Him the Best Kisser in Hollywood

Johnny Depp went through a rough patch last year when he was embroiled in drama with his ex-wife Amber Heard. But his fans supported him when he needed that backing the most. However, not just everyday people, even famous Hollywood celebrities who worked with the actor are his fans. In fact, Marion Cotillard and Keira Knightley complimented the actor for being a great kisser as well as a protective man.


As per Female First, Marion Cotillard, who worked with in a movie called , labeled him a good kisser. The actress recounted that he’s the perfect onscreen lip-locker and was also incredibly protective when the two had to shoot an intimate scene for the movie. She said:

“He is a very, very nice guy. I was nervous but he was protective of me and if you really want to know, he is a very, very good kisser.”


In another interview with Collider, the actress again complimented Depp and said that he is an actual gentleman. She expressed:

“He saw right away that I was very nervous and he reassured me, he was very nice, he has a huge respect for people and things. He is a real gentleman. He is an amazing actor, so I knew that when you work with an amazing actor, it makes you be better than if you work with someone who is totally out of it.”

Cotillard’s words are proof that Depp has always been respectful of his co-stars. However, she isn’t the only actress who has complimented the actor over the years. His co-star, Keira Knightley, only had good things to say about the Hollywood star.



Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp starred together in the films as Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann. As per reports, the actress once begged the director of 2006’s film to let her kiss Depp even though their characters weren’t exactly romantically involved in the franchise. She said, As for whether it was worth it or not, the actress expressed,


However, in an interview with the Evening Standard, Depp termed the kiss as awkward because Knightley is about two decades younger than him. He said:

“Kissing someone you are not romantically involved with is always awkward, but the fact that Keira is 20-something years younger than me made it infinitely more awkward.”

The actor’s concerns seem to have come from a professional place and it shows that Marion Cotillard was right about him being an absolute gentleman.

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