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Warmth and save money, just decorate with log style! 🏠

🧱About the decoration

✨The balcony folding door separates the balcony from the living room. You can keep the cat off the balcony if something happens. It is also beautiful and feels like a country courtyard🤪

✨Wood floor throughout➕Solid wood furniture combination, warm and cozy!

✨No background wall And plaster lines, latex paint is mainly white/off-white, versatile and attractive

✨Choose a TV cabinet that can both store things and be used as a bookcase. It has multiple uses and saves space. ✨Choose a small coffee table rather than a large one. You don't need to put it away at ordinary times. It looks more open and large

✨ For furniture, I recommend modular cabinets that can be combined freely. The Federal building block side cabinet simply opened the door to a new world for me! I chose a combination of 4 side cabinets for the dining room, including an open compartment for books and cups. The dishes are very convenient ~ The cherry wood material is warm and a little retro, the paint surface is smooth and has no burrs, and the overall texture is also very good✌🏻

Each module is the same size, and you can arbitrarily combine DIY according to your own usage scenario. Whether it is for dining table It is suitable as a sideboard or as a chest at the end of the bed, and the storage capacity is great! Separate into two combinations, it can be transformed into a bedside table. It is really convenient and practical, and a single cabinet is light and effortless to move! It can be moved by one person if you live alone. Who knows the hardships of cabinets😭

We also recommend buying this module combination for your TV cabinet. It's really great to have one thing with multiple uses! Each module also has open compartments and various drawer cabinets to choose from, so you can match them creatively without worrying. Contrast style✌🏻

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