So Funny! Darci Lynne Tries To Turn Her Friends Into Puppets! This Is The Real Friendship!

At age 14,  is already one of the most well-known ventriloquists in the world. Her unique ability to sing while performing ventriloquy is what made her stand out during the 12th season of t.

Each week, Darci upped the ante with her performances. Just when people thought they had seen it all from her, she would walk out on stage and do something she had never done before.

One of her most impressive performances came during the finals, during which she performed a duet between her puppets Petunia and Oscar.  Viewers were amazed at how Darci was seamlessly able to sing in the voices of two separate characters, all without opening her mouth.

Darci recently revisited that same technique for a new puppet duet. Only this duet didn’t take place between Oscar and Petunia, but between two of her real-life human friends!

The friends that Darci enlisted for this unique duet were 15-year-old identical twin singers Max and Harvey. After building a strong following on the social app, the duo released their debut single in 2016, titled “One More Day Love.”

So now you know that Max and Harvey are talented signers, but how are they as human puppets?

Sitting between the two brothers on a couch, Darci explained how the whole puppet thing was going to work. She told them that she would put her hand on their neck, and whenever she squeezed they were to open their mouths “.”

Max and Harvey seemed to understand the process, but were still skeptical about just how well it was going to work out.

Once it seemed like the brothers were all set, Darci was ready to show off her skills. For a while, she was able to get the twins to sing along to “Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)” just as good as her puppets.

But things went off the rails after Darci stopped. The two decided to take matters into their own hands, and began singing along to the song on their own before getting into a playful fight.

This experience surely showed Darci that there’s an advantage to working with puppets over people…puppets don’t have minds of their own!

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