Marshmallow sticks



Main materialMulti-colored chocolate: appropriate amountFinger biscuits: appropriate amountMarshmallows: appropriate amountCandy: Moderate amountNote: It is recommended to use thin finger biscuits (such as pocky ones), and rainbow candies or M beans for candies.

Production Method

⒈Heat the chocolate over water until it melts.

⒉ Dip the marshmallow in chocolate and the area will be half of the marshmallow.


3. Insert finger biscuits into marshmallows. If the biscuits are too long, cut off half of them.

4. Decorate the marshmallows with candies.

5. Spread a little chocolate next to the marshmallow cookie to stick the candy.

6. Finally, just use different colored chocolates to DIY the expression you like~


Feel free to play as you please, the chocolate will look better if you prepare more colors.

7. Pack it to look more beautiful~

Gorgeous styling! Let's DIY with your kids~