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Johnny Depp Allegedly Let His Daughter Lily Rose Depp’s Abuser Walk Free According To New Leaks, Why?

After meeting French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis while filming The Ninth Gate in France in 1998, Johnny Depp began a relationship with her. The couple has two children, Lily-Rose Melody Depp (23) and Jack Depp (20). In June 2012, Depp and Paradis announced their separation.

Johnny Depp is gaining attention for 'refusing' to investigate a 23-year-old man accused of statutory rape of his daughter Lily-Rose Depp after he won the public defamation suit against The Rum Diary actress Amber Heard. Ultimately, Depp is helping his daughter's rapist avoid jail with the decision on the investigation.

Johnny Depp Lets Daughter's Abuser Walk Free: Why?

A leaked court document alleges that Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny Depp's daughter, got together with a 23-year-old as a minor.

As stated in the unsealed document, "He was being investigated by the Department of Family Services and the LAPD." Also, it adds, "I don't know what the charges were specifically, but she was 15, and the boyfriend, I believe, was 23, and they were living next door to him in one of his condos downtown."

Additionally, it adds, "He met with both the LAPD and the Department of Family Services, and no charges were filed, and I asked him afterward. I said, well, 'you couldn't have told them the truth. And he just smiled."

In a deposition, Mr. Kump and Mr. Feedman discussed these revelations.

Johnny Depp & Lily-Rose Depp: A Father-Daughter Bond

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have a 23-year-old daughter named Lily-Rose Depp. As Lily-Rose Depp follows in her father's footsteps in acting, Depp must feel proud.

In an Instagram post, she shared a trailer for her HBO drama, .

She made a post in 2016 on Instagram, now deleted, said: 

Along with the note, she had also shared a throwback photo of herself and her father, Johnny Depp. In the wake of Depp’s defamation trial win against Amber Heard, the old support message has resurfaced online on Father’s Day.

Amber Heard and Lily-Rose Depp’s Relationship 

In the court case on April 20, Depp revealed that Lily-Rose Depp did not attend Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s wedding (2015). According to him, Heard and Lily-Rose were not on the best terms, and the wedding itinerary included ‘dinner, dancing, and drugs.

Also, back in 2016, when news of Amber Heard’s domestic abuse first broke, Depp’s daughter Lily Rose-Depp expressed support for her father.

Lily-Rose isn’t the only one who disapproves of her dad’s ex-wife. Depp’s 20-year-old son with Paradis, Jack Depp, seems to feel the same way about his dad.

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