The 5 most “cowardly” cats in the cat world


1. GarfieldCourage Index:★★

Garfield cats are born and raised by humans. They have grown up with their owners since they were young. Their food, drink and litter are all managed by their owners. Basically, they have never seen much of the world. They are indoor cats. For some strange and unfamiliar things, Garfield cats are I'm very scared. If I let it roam free, I'm afraid if it finds something to eat, it will cause stress~

2. British Shorthair catCourage Index:★

Anyone who has ever raised a British Shorthair cat knows that British Shorthair cats are naturally docile and quiet.


They have a quiet personality and like to live in quiet places. They don't like liveliness and appear to be ignorant of the world. British Shorthair cats are also sensitive cats by nature. If there is anything Any sound will make them very sensitive and scared, and they may even be scared to the point of hiding.

For sensitive British shorthairs, it is best not to take them out.

3. Orange catCourage Index:★★

Everyone knows that orange cats are very easy to get along with. They are naturally docile and love to get along with people.


However, orange cats are also relatively timid in the cat world. If they fight with other cats, orange cats will often lose. The orange cat that has been beaten immediately becomes cowardly and either uses the thirty-sixth strategy as the best one, or surrenders to the other party and recognizes the other party as the boss.

4. Cow CatCourage Index:★★

Everyone will be frightened when they hear the name of a cow cat. In fact, cow cats are veritable paper tigers. They usually look very domineering, but if they encounter trouble and they can't hold it, they will immediately give in, especially when facing an opponent they have beaten before.


, in fact, cow cats are the kind of cats that are both naughty and love to cause trouble~

5. Ragdoll catCourage Index:★

Ragdoll cats look sweet and have a docile personality, but they have very low IQs. However, they are always frightened by some movement. Sometimes they think that the owner is going to chase them when they get close to them, and they will immediately be frightened. I have to run away and hide in the corner, motionless~

Ragdoll cats sometimes bully cats smaller than themselves, but if they can't be beaten, they will immediately give in. They are veritable cowards.