Dogs rub their heads against people and want to tell you these 8 things.


"Master, give me a massage"

Among the parts that dogs want to be massaged most is the head. There are many nerves on the head. If you touch the dog's head, the dog will feel very comfortable. So the dog will often "nudge" it with its head. "You" just want you to give it a massage. Whenever you massage it, the dog will always squint its eyes comfortably and enjoy it!

"Master, my head is a little itchy"


There are some places on the dog's head that the dog cannot touch by itself, so when these places are itchy, the dog will seek help from its owner, so it will "butt you" with its head, hoping that you will help scratch the itch. 

"Master, I'm angry, come and comfort me"

Sometimes when the owner does something the dog doesn't like and makes the dog angry, the dog will show a "little temper" and ignore the owner with an arrogant look. But when it finds that the owner has ignored it for a long time, it will take it.


It "cups you" with its head, gives you a step to step down, and wants you to coax it.

"Master, you are mine"

Dogs are very territorial animals, and they will want to leave their scent on you, so you can see that dogs often lick you and "butt you" with their heads, just to leave their scent on you. Possess you.

"Master, I like you"

The way a dog expresses his love is nothing more than licking you and rubbing you, and "butting you" with his head is also one of the ways he expresses his love.


So, your dog actually wants to tell you by "butting you" with his head. You, it likes you.

"Master, do me a favor"

A dog cannot speak. When it wants to ask for help from its owner, it will "nudge you" with its head or pull at you to attract your attention and want you to help it.

"Master, I want to go out and play"

If the owner ignores the dog for a long time, the dog will feel bored and want the owner to take it out to play.


At this time, the dog will "butt you" with its head and want you to take it out to play.

No matter how busy the owner is, he should take time to play with his dog or feed him some snacks. This will not only cultivate the relationship between you, but also make the dog like you more and more.

"Master, I'm so hungry"

When it's meal time, if the owner doesn't give food to the dog, the dog will "butt you" with its head, telling you that it is very hungry now and needs to be fed!