Autumn and winter warm healing manicure


First come to the Vitality Girl to heal you~

The low-saturation milky white color is not picky. Just apply a sparkling diamond and your mood will be better~

Ins simple style, black and white combination is always classic and always looks white!

This style is simple and classic, very girly, and many businesses use it to make wearing armor~


This peach blossom style is perfect for holidays, isn't it~

Here's another lady's style, with gentle bean paste and yellow skin, which is level 10 friendly~

Fair and tender sister~

Autumn daisies, fresh and beautiful~


Even short nails should have hand-painted cherries~

If the weather permits, go out and play~

The half-width French style is very suitable for short nails. Is there any

Gentle healing model~


A little literary tone, drink a cup of coffee, write some articles, it won't affect typing~

Super simple and cool style, not as heavy as autumn and winter, so you can travel light~