What Orlando Bloom Said About Keira Knightley And Johnny Depp's Kiss In 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'

The trio of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley charmed audiences in 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' but not everyone was super-happy about how the movies turned out, or how the characters interacted.

But although , she was definitely happy about getting the chance to kiss her co-stars. In fact, in old interviews, Keira exclaimed how lucky she was (and how jealous her friends were) that she got to kiss  Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp.

Of course, , according to past interviews. He called Knightley a "good sport," but noted that she was only 17 when the franchise started -- plus, "kissing someone you are not romantically involved with is always awkward."

And there was also the fact that to get the scene just right, the production crew didn't tell Orlando Bloom that his on-screen love would be smooching Captain Jack. So that look of surprise on Orlando's face is genuine because he wasn't able to read ahead in the script or see what was coming.

What Did Orlando Bloom Think Of Johnny Depp Kissing Keira Knightley?

At the same time, Orlando admitted that it's clear he wasn't really the center of the film. In an interview, that he knew he wasn't the star. Instead, he noted, he played the "straight man" to Johnny Depp.

While fans may feel a bit torn about that, Orlando realized that his role was a supporting one, even when it came down to the relationship between Elizabeth and Captain Sparrow. Though that smooch was meant as a distraction in the movie, the fact that the character, Will, wasn't meant to know what his leading lady was about to do is further proof.

He was an "emotional thread," he explained, but that was about it. Fans would argue, of course, that Bloom made the films worth watching. There's also the fact that the one film that dropped Keira and Orlando basically tanked -- a movie with  Johnny Depp is great, but it's not as excellent as it be without his high-profile co-stars.

But in terms of what he thinks of Johnny Depp overall? Orlando has acknowledged how hard it is to 'go through things' in the spotlight. He's , and he doesn't let that color his impression of Depp as an excellent actor who's worth the professional accolades he's received.

of his fellow actor, "he’s been one of the most private and stand-up people I’ve ever met." And clearly, Bloom had nothing negative to say about Depp's interaction with Knightley on set -- he was nothing but professional, even in that awkward smooching scene.

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