10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Pirates Of The Caribbean

Margot Robbie has confirmed she was set to star in. After Johnny Depp's dismissal from the successful franchise, most fans predicted the movies would cease their production, nonetheless, many are still heartbroken by the latest news.

With five films released between 2003 and 2017 and more than a billion dollars garnered at the box office (per ), it is safe to say is the most successful franchise about pirates in the history of cinema. In spite of its abrupt ending, fans still come back to the films, and some of them keep finding inspiration for hilarious memes that can pretty much sum up the franchise.

The Positive Fanbase

Most people forget that was based on Disneyland's theme park ride, which has been a classic attraction since 1967. Consequently, the franchise has always been in the hands of Disney.

As the meme points out, while other big franchises have been acquired by Disney - like Marvel and - and there have been complaints about the company's twist upon their films and series, has always been great since the very beginning, and it's all thanks to Disney's approach to the franchise.

Most Pirates End Up Cursed

The life of a pirate is not easy. Running away from the law, facing mythological creatures of the ocean, and the turbulent waters of the open sea, among other things, make it quite difficult to stay alive. Fortunately - or unfortunately - most characters in are always under some kind of curse that gives them immortality.

While Barbossa's crew became living skeletons at night, Davy Jones' crew became humanoid ocean creatures. As the meme hilariously depicts, most were just looking for immortality to face the unholy seas, however, in the case of Davy Jones' crew, most didn't understand what that implied and that they would become sea creatures. Their hard living conditions as hosts of mollusks and sea animals made them , but the meme does make their curse seem quite funny.

Ships Get Stolen

A pirate's glory and pride is their ship. Whether they are the captain or one of the crew members, the desire of riding a fast and resistant ship is palpable. Consequently, most of the time, the characters of the film always steal ships from other captains.

The Black Pearl was taken away from Jack Sparrow, as the meme hilariously points out, but Barbossa could say the same, as well as other characters from the franchise. Needless to say, the jaw-dropping drama around looking for treasure while stealing ships is what makes one of the .

A Pirate's Drunk Life

Pirates love to drink rum all day while they stay in Tortuga or ride their ships into the wild ocean. Drinking is implied in their way of living, therefore, it's not hard to believe that their love for alcohol was what made them become pirates in the first place.

To imagine Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush accepting the roles of Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Hector Barbossa because of a few drinks is hilarious, and it would explain why they are so good at acting as drunk sailors.

There's Never Enough Rum

Jack Sparrow would agree that there is never enough rum in any of the movies. Either Elizabeth Swan burns his stash, he drinks it all, or unfortunately, somebody else gets to it first. It is safe to say that in all the films, there is a 404 error that makes rum inaccessible.

It may be terrible news for Jack that there's never enough, but without the lack of alcohol, the franchise would not have many of its comedy-gold moments and quotes, including Sparrow's famous "Why is the rum gone?". Needless to say, it's Jack's relationship with rum - including his behavior under its influence - that makes him one of .

James Norrington Is An Amazing Character

At first, most perceived James Norrington as a villain, but when Lord Cutler Beckett came along it became clear who was really evil. Norrington, in spite of being an officer of the British Old Navy and the East India Trading Company, was a man of honor and he always tried to do the right thing.

He did not have one of the , and most found him really boring at the beginning - including Elizabeth - however, as the franchise continued fans were able to appreciate him more, and the meme accurately points out the many attributes that make him an outstanding character.

Lord Beckett Loves Doing Bussiness

Lord Beckett only cared about the money, and in spite of many warnings to do otherwise, he always opted for the plan that would potentially give him and the East India Trading Company the most fortune, as the meme hilariously depicts. Consequently, he became a despicable character right away, and in spite of not being a pirate, he truly acted as if he was the worst of them.

He paid the price of his stubborn ways and finally died in and with his death, the East Trading Company fell as well. Which, was a relief, considering the East Trading Company was responsible for the slave trade.


As die-hard fans of know, a lego videogame based on the franchise was released in 2011, and even though it seemed to have a more family-friendly tone, it surprised everyone with a scene where Davy Jones beheads a crew member and attaches his head to the body of a fish.

Yes, the movies have a little bit of violence involving sword fights and guns, but it never went as far as beheading a character. The Lego characters make it seem all more silly - considering that they don't die when their head gets detached - but as a concept, is still way more violent than anything previously done in the franchise, which is already pretty action-packed.

Elizabeth Gets All The Attention

Without a doubt, Elizabeth Swan is one of . Elizabeth is strong, brave, and clever. Inevitably, she wins everybody's hearts and in most movies, she is the center of attention of all pirates, officers, blacksmiths, and governors alike.

In she got all the attention of Barbossa, although in this unique case, it was because he thought Elizabeth was Bootstrap's daughter. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that what the meme depicts did not only happened in the first movie but on multiple occasions, and everybody likes to treat Swan as their favorite.

The Kraken Is Iconic

Davy Jones' pet is one of the most iconic mythological creatures of all time. The Kraken appears in many pirate tales and, without a doubt, it had an epic appearance in . While some people believe the creature is pure fantasy, there are theories that point out that giant squid sightings could have originated the myth (via ).

Therefore, it is hilarious to imagine a giant squid going to the surface to ask if a crew member of a ship is marked with the black spot, as the meme depicts. Although, in real life, if a giant squid surfaced it would probably not be able to eat a certain Jack Sparrow, given they are significantly smaller.

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