Autumn and winter atmosphere! Caramel, red and brown series manicure


In this issue, we will continue to help you organize and summarize the autumn and winter atmosphere, Maillard caramel-based high-end, red and brown manicures with whitening effect~

It's very suitable for short nails, it's simple but a little refined, and it gives an overall warm feeling in autumn and winter~

This amber color blend is amazing, Maillard BenderGold

en brown is a common color in autumn and winter, but it looks classy when paired with cat eyes~


This style is done with eyes closed, it is beautiful, durable, whitening and delicate!

The little leopard prints in autumn are also brown

The red and brown plaid is versatile for commuting and looks white~


Red-brown amber, the essence of Maillard is simple and just right gradient~

Recommended all year round, it would be a pity not to make this model in autumn and winter~

If it snows in your city, try this

Autumn flowers~


Simple ins style, very clear autumn and winter style~

Retro emphasis, gorgeous and exquisite

Short nails, a must do in autumn and winter!