short fall nails 2023 trends丨A collection of whitening and advanced autumn manicure~


Grasp the tail end of autumn and come to a collection of super white autumn manicure~

A collection of high-end, elegant, hard-to-match styles, sweet or salty, white and versatile, suitable for both long nails and short nails!

Rich coffee, this color cat eye is really suitable for autumn~

The autumn atmosphere is white again, and amber is indispensable ~

Come directly to a set, three retro palace styles, gorgeous and exquisite, suitable for both long and short nails~


Commuting model, gentle and intellectual, low saturation makes hands white in autumn and winter

Very high-end matte powder (gray tone), with a metallic feel, sweet and cool~

Who said purple looks dark, yellow and black skin looks over, grapes are gray and purple, high-end and white~


Here is a set of fresh and cute ones, the colors are very autumnal, and the short nails are very attractive.

Can short nails only be cute? They can also be cool~

This nude brown cat eye has high-end texture and autumn and winter atmosphere


Autumn should also be full of energy, show off your white hands and fake makeup~

Very high-end autumn and winter style blending~

Gray and white highlighted cat, cool atmosphere~

The flowers in autumn have withered, but they can bloom in the heart, giving a girl a sense of vitality~

Simple ins style, intellectual and powerful