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Johnny Depp’s Daughter Skipped His Wedding, But Did They Repair Their Relationship After His Divorce?

Nowadays, Amber Heard’s reputation has been tainted after against her after she accused him of domestic abuse in a 2018 op-ed. But it’s not only the fans that have a dislike for the actress.

It appears Johnny’s two children, daughter Lily-Rose and son Jack, had a problem with her long before. In fact, , which is a clear sign that Johnny and Amber’s romance was affecting his relationship with his kids.

Now that and Amber’s marriage is a thing of the past, and he successfully proved she defamed him in court, many people wonder where he stands with his kids. Here’s what we know.

Lily-Rose Refused To Attend Because She Didn’t Support The Relationship

Nowadays, Amber Heard’s reputation has been tainted after she lost the defamation case Johnny Depp launched after she accused him of domestic abuse. But it appears the actor’s children had a problem with her long before the trial.

, Johnny revealed that his daughter Lily-Rose refused to attend his 2015 wedding to Amber because she didn’t like her stepmother-to-be. "My daughter Lily-Rose did not come to the wedding. She and Ms. Heard were not on particularly great terms, for several reasons," Johnny explained.

He went on to describe his ex-wife’s alleged substance abuse, and implying this would’ve made his daughter uncomfortable.

While Lily-Rose’s absence from the wedding speaks volumes, Amber has contrarily insisted she was close to her then-step-daughter. In 2015, she told that being a step-mother was “an honor and the greatest, most surprising gift I have ever received in my life.” She added, “I feel new flavors that I didn’t know existed. New colors that I didn’t know existed have been added to my life. I’m so happy.”

Moreover, , and saying she felt protective of them.

“I felt protective over Lily-Rose and concerned and naturally they were not my children, it’s not my place and I understand that, I know it’s a sensitive subject, so I understand why Johnny got so upset with me,” she said on the stand.

Lily-Rose Has Defended Her Dad’s Reputation In The Past

Lil-Rose may have not attended her father’s wedding in 2015, but she was when Amber began making allegations against him in the wake of their split.

“My dad is the sweetest, most loving person I know, he’s been nothing but a wonderful father to my little brother and I, and everyone who knows him would say the same,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of her and Johnny. However, Lily-Rose later deleted the Instagram from her account.

In 2021, she had a for her opinion on his defamation case in the U.K. against which published Amber’s allegations that he was a “wife beater.”

"You can’t be perfect all the time. Nobody’s perfect. Period. I think that’s just the fact of life,” the model replied. “But I think a big part of keeping a good head on your shoulders is just having a lot of self-awareness and never feeling like you take yourself too seriously to put your actions back into question."

“I think it’s always good to have a good self-reflection about the things you’ve done and always thinking about how you could be better,” Lily-Rose added.

While Johnny’s career has been having a revival after winning is defamation against Amber, all the attention from her allegations severely hurt his reputation. He reportedly after losing a future role.

With that in mind, Lily-Rose’s vague answer over her father’s lawsuit may not indicate that she’s upset with him. Rather, she may be trying to distance herself from the situation, so it won’t affect her own career.

Not only has nepotism baby modelled for huge brands, including Chanel, but she’s recently forayed into acting, including the upcoming HBO show with The Weeknd. It’s safe to say she has a lot at stake career-wise.

In her interview with Lily-Rose said she was open to working with her dad in the future, which is a good sign for their relationship. “Never say never,” she said. “That’s really not something that I consider first and foremost. What’s interesting to me is the particular character that I may or may not be playing and then the story that it’s telling. But yeah, I mean, I love to work with great actors.”

Johnny Filed The Lawsuit Against Amber For His Children's Sake

Even if Johnny’s kids aren’t upset and don’t blame him for the conflict with his ex-wife, it’s undoubtedly strained their relationship. It appears Johnny filed the defamation case against Amber not just to clear his reputation, but also for the sake of his kids.

“Since I knew there was no truth to it whatsoever, I felt it my responsibility to stand up not only for myself in that instance but stand up for my children, who at the time were 14 and 16,” .

And Johnny did just that, since he came out on the successful side of the lawsuit after Amber was found guilty of defamation. Even if things are still rocky between Johnny and his kids, they have a better opportunity than ever to focus on their relationships, since the court case is in the past (and so is Amber Heard, hopefully, too).

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