Johnny Depp's Weight Gain & Changes in Appearance over the Years

Johnny Depp has been a beloved Hollywood figure since his early days in the industry. Because of his good looks and undeniable charm, he has stayed popular for a long time and has become a pop culture icon.

Despite being embroiled in his recent personal controversies, Depp's striking appearance and powerful charisma have earned him a loyal following on social media, which continues to be captivated by him.

As The New York Times reported via The Independent in 2022, Depp is not just a typical handsome American actor; he is still considered one of the "" in Hollywood.

Amid Depp's enduring appeal, he has raised concerns among his social media followers in recent years. Other online users have also voiced their opinions and criticisms on Twitter.

Johnny Depp's Weight Gain Was Noticed at the End of His Relationship with Amber Heard

Depp's weight gain and physical changes had become noticeable at the end of his  to his then-wife, actress , with whom he tied the knot in 2015 and later split the following year.

Amid fans' concerns, some suggested that Depp's appearance resulted from his two film projects.

Depp was pictured walking outside of the Jimmy Kimmel Studios in 2016. According to The Daily Mail article, Depp's once attractive Hollywood appearance had gone into a "paunchy and puffy-faced" appearance.

Subsequently, fans took notice of Depp's weight gain and expressed their observations online. One Twitter user also  Depp's physical appearance.

The Hollywood heartthrob's weight gain also  from a disillusioned fan. Similarly, another user  for Depp's seemingly heavier appearance in the movie "Blow."

Besides netizens, TV personality Piers Morgan  Depp's looks, and told him to "grow up." The critic said Depp could look like the late actor Marlon Brando, whom the critic called a "fat old lonely weirdo."

Rumors circulated that Depp also faced health issues caused by his , which included excessive drinking and eating. According to a source, Depp weighed up to 260 pounds and had a "general lack of self-care."

Fans Noticed Johnny Depp's Sudden Weight Loss

Depp shocked fans after a few years by drastically changing his appearance and weight. When he toured with his band, Hollywood Vampires, in Germany in 2018, he lost weight, had shaved hair, and appeared  in his concert tour pictures.

Many of the actor's devoted fans were shocked by his appearance, leading them to wonder why he had such a thin physique. Amid fans' concerns, some suggested that Depp's appearance resulted from his .

A fan believed that Depp was  and that his skinny look was related to him reshooting scenes for "Richard Says Goodbye," a movie about a college professor who lived life recklessly after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Another supporter also presumed that Depp's sudden drop in weight was because he was preparing for another potential upcoming film, which would be a remake of the 1933 film "The Invisible Man." Meanwhile, a fan :

"People don't realize how physically exhausting touring actually is so if he looks tired or has lost a little bit of weight it's for obvious reasons. It doesn't mean he's sick or dying.. Jesus!"

Ultimately, it turned out that  was in  and enjoyed going on tour with his band. According to an insider, Depp purposefully lost weight because he was on tour and wanted to remain in shape.

According to another source, Depp dropped 25 pounds in two months and thought it was a perfect look for his band, referring to it as a "" in honor of Depp's favorite musician, Keith Richards.

The Importance of Appearance in the Career and Perception of Johnny Depp

In 2022, the New York Times  that 's enduring popularity could be attributed to his timeless appearance and loyal fan base, which has remained steadfast over the years.

Depp's reputation remains intact, even though the controversies, notably the $500 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, which he eventually won, marred him.

The NYT quoted The Independent's Katie Edwards, who  that Depp was "a man who still carries the reputation for being one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood."

Depp's physical appearance has influenced how he's perceived by the public, leading to criticism from some fans and online users. On the other hand, his charm and charisma have made him a timeless pop culture icon.

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