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14 Throwback Pics Of Johnny Depp Too Good To Ignore

Born in the 1960s, it seems like Johnny Depp has been around forever. The 56-year-old continues to make headlines in this day and age, unfortunately though, it is for the wrong reasons given his troubled relationship alongside

In the following list, we’ll put all the controversy aside and take a look at some of Depp’s finest and most memorable throwback pics from the past.

They include different peers he was surrounded by at the time, including the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt - along with his always changing look that went through several transformations throughout the years.

Here are 14 throwback pics of Johnny Deep too good to ignore. Enjoy folks, let’s get started.

14 Working On A Railroad

It's kind of funny to look back at photos of a young Johnny Depp posing like a 90s heartthrob.

There's no denying he's always been known for his good looks (well, maybe not so much nowadays), but seeing the now-iconic actor posing in front of a rail track, like the photo above, is kind of mind-boggling. He looks more like a construction worker than an actor, that's for sure.

13 With Winona Ryder

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder starred in the 1990 Fantasy film, together.

The two were said to already be a couple by that point, so it's not surprising they had great chemistry on-set. The same year the film was released, the couple got engaged. Unfortunately, though,

12 With Nic Cage

Although Nicolas Cage is now the butt of many jokes (and serves as great meme-content nowadays), there was once a time where he was known for his acting chops.

Cage was 28 years old, while Johnny was about 25. A lot may have changed in their careers, but they definitely did look charming and had great style back then.

11 Major Throwback

We had to classify this shot under , showing a different side of Depp. He’s gone through so many different looks and hairstyles along the way, this one is definitely up there in terms of the wackiest and bizarre.

Some of us are getting Vibes...

10 Joey Tribbiani Vibes

Is it just us, or is Johnny Depp giving off some major Joey Tribbiani vibes in the photo above? Specifically the time he built the entertainment unit wearing some rather fitting jeans.

We know tight jeans were "a thing" for men in the 80-90s, but we still can't help but chuckle a little when looking back at Depp's swagger in the early '90s.

9 Legends

It seriously does not get any better than this throwback pic of Johnny Depp alongside legendary actors, and

We know that the three of them all went off to do great things in Hollywood, but we doubt any of them were aware of the success they'd reach when posing for this photo a few decades ago.

8 Hair Model

If becoming an actor would not have worked out for Depp, then we think he could have found success in another career; as a male hair model. Johnny's always been known for his full head of hair (well, except for his hair in ), and it looks like companies took notice.

We don't know if this photo above was taken for a Hair Product brand, but it looks like it could have been a great ad for L'Oreal.

7 With Kate Moss

After Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder called it quits, it did not take long for Johnny to start up another relationship.

About 12 months after the break-up, he started to date supermodel, Kate Moss. Although according to his director, Tim Burton, after him and Winona broke up,

6 Coachella Vibes

We're not exactly sure where Johnny Depp was when this photo was taken, but this could easily pass for a 2019 Coachella photo.

We know that "vintage" is always in, and celebs are the first to sport any stylish wear to events such as Coachella. His hat and sunglasses would be considered stylish nowadays, that's for sure.

5 Johnny As A Dad

Johnny Depp's ex, Vanessa Paradis, gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter named Lily-Rose Melody Depp, in May 1999. They later welcomed a boy, John "Jack" Christopher Depp III, 3 years later in 2002.

Although Depp has been involved in quite a few scandals over the years, most notably with ex, Amber Heard, one thing remains clear, his daughter has, and

4 Neo Vibes

We wouldn't think you were crazy for thinking this was not Johnny Depp, but instead.

Depp is giving us total Neo vibes from . His shades, his black jacket and even his posture are misleading. Nevertheless, this is a major throwback pic of Depp taken over 30 years ago in 1990.

3 Fashion Statement

If there's one thing that's clear by now, it's that Johnny Depp's always had a rather unique style. Whether or not it's always been "good style" is pretty debatable.

Case in point, the actor showed up to the premiere in the UK in 2005 wearing this interesting blue suit paired with a beret, and let's just say, he really "stood out" from the crowd.

2 With Christina Applegate

Although the two were never confirmed to have dated, it looks like the co-stars were good friends behind the scenes (we wonder what her ex, Brad Pitt, had to say about the friendship...).

Christina Applegate and Johnny Depp were photographed together when they walked the red carpet for a charity event in December, 1987.

1 Johnny Rocking A Stache

When Johnny Depp showed up to the 66th Academy Awards in 1994, he was still relatively new to the Hollywood scene, and only had a few films under his belt.

Regardless of how green he still was at the time, though, he did not let that stop him from experimenting with a new "look", rocking a rather questionable-looking mustache. We gotta respect him for always being himself.

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