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15 Photos That Describe Johnny Depp's Career

When you think of some of the best movie performances in the last 30 years, a lot of those performances were by Johnny Depp. You could consider Depp as one of the most underrated actors in movie history. He's extremely versatile and has played a variety of different roles, but managed to add his creative twist to it and really bring the character to life.

Sometimes Depp doesn't get the credit he deserves, because some of his parts are played in movies that everyone might not love. It's not a diss to him, but he typically doesn't play in many mainstream films. However, most people have watched a Johnny Depp film at some point in their lives, even if they didn't realize he was in it.

That's the thing. He's so good at playing the part that sometimes you don't even recognize his look, or realize that it's him. There have been plenty of those roles throughout his career, and it's time to celebrate them.

15 Freddy Kruger Is Coming

Did you know that one of the very first movies that Johnny Depp appeared in was a horror film? Even if you didn't know that, it makes total sense with his personality and style of acting. He has the wild personality for it, even though he doesn't typically appear in them. However, he did star in as he played Glen Lantz.

14 21 Jump Street... The Original

What you might know as is completely different from the television series that Depp performed in. No, this one does not have  and Jonah Hill running around like pretend-cops. While the concept was the same, this series began in 1987 and lasted for five seasons. Apparently, the role of Tom Hanson irritated Depp.

13 Don't Cry, Baby

Looking at all of the films that Depp has cast in throughout the years, seeing him act in an old school teen musical comedy was weird. This also goes to show you how diverse of an actor he is, and how he can successfully play any role he desires. In he plays the role of a leader of this group of delinquents that refer to themselves as "drapes."

12 Clip Clip

Maybe one of the greatest, yet underrated performances by Johnny Depp came in Depp plays the role of a man who is created with scissors as hands, and he has to learn how to fit into a community and try to use his hands for good. It was a very unique film, that also started a strong bond between Depp and .

11 Watch Out For Sleepy Hollow

At this point, it seemed evident that Depp could play in a lot of darker films. dipped into the supernatural world, in a very interesting film that included some horror, fantasy, and romance. Depp had been working with director Tim Burton for some time, and it was clear there would be a bright future between the actor and director.

10 A Pirate's Life For Me

This was game-changing for Johnny Depp. He joined the Disney family to take on the iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow, in The series would go on to have five films, with the last one released in 2020. While the film was based on the legendary attraction at Disney Parks, Depp created a new character that was later added to the attractions.

9 Would You Like Some Chocolate?

Rather than developing a new character, Depp had the opportunity to play the iconic, Willy Wonka. Of course, as it was Johnny Depp leading the film, he had his own twist on the legendary character. The public opinion on this version of certainly wasn't as positive as the original, as some people may have found Depp's Willy Wonka to be a bit too much.

8 Dark Animation

After the success of Tim Burton grabbed his good friend Johnny Depp to release This animated film wasn't as successful as Jack Skellington and those in Halloweentown, but it still grabbed the attention of Tim Burton fans. It also allowed Depp to test his talents in film animation.

7 The Arm Is Complete

Another niche audience film that Depp starred in as he played Sweeney Todd in Sweeney Todd is an icon, so it makes sense that Tim Burton decided to bring Johnny Depp on board. Sweeney Todd is a London barber who is being transported to Australia for a crime he did not commit.

6 It's Always Tea Time

This was a perfect match. Tim Burton was the perfect choice to direct and it made all of the sense in the world for Johnny Depp to play the Mad Hatter. It was the perfect marriage, as it was an excellent live-action edition of the classic tale, with a Tim Burton spin. This really allowed Burton and Depp to bring out their creativity.

5 I Can Rock, Too

Typically fans only connect Johnny Depp to acting, but he's a musician as well. Together with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, they formed the Hollywood Vampires. The point of the group was to honor the music of rock stars that died from excess in the 1970s. Depp's creativity has allowed him to share his emotions in multiple forms outside of acting.

4 Darkness

So as you can see, some of Johnny Depp's parts include extremely strange costumes in unique movies. was just another film to that list. Depp played the part of a rich and powerful playboy, who hurts himself when he breaks the heart of a witch. Eventually, Depp's character escapes from his tombstone, which is when the film takes place.

3 A Native Ranger

If you're a movie fan, you have to love and appreciate Johnny Depp's costumes throughout the years. Most big-name movie stars don't usually wear exotic costumes, where Depp is consistently willing to dress to the part of whichever character he's cast for. In he had the opportunity to play a Native American in a sideshow carnival tent.

2 An Animated "Love" Story

Recently, Johnny Depp stated that he didn't want to be filming as much as he once was. Of course, that was hard to completely avoid with some big-name releases including the last version of Well, in 2011, he decided to play the part of an animated love story in the film, Maybe he loved the comedy portion of it.

1 Welcome To The Wizard World

Although Depp wanted to take it easy on big roles, it appeared that he couldn't ignore the opportunity to join the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Depp had the opportunity to join the prequel of the Harry Potter films, to join the cast in the series. Most people don't even realize that he's part of this series, due to all of the other iconic roles he's played.

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