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European and American outfits, street outfit portraits

LOOK1The color of the gray-orange coat is relatively simple and high-end, and the fit is relatively loose, so it is suitable for street wear. The gray-orange coat has a sense of high-end throughout. The black inner layer can make the outfit more layered. Feel. Paired with a pair of high heels, it will look more sophisticated.

LOOK2The red and black plaid interior is low-key and fashionable. Paired with a black leather jacket, it can make the outfit look more layered. In addition, shorts on the lower body paired with high boots are also very good, not only can the legs be visually longer Thin legs can also add a sense of fashion and make it more trendy! The yellow bag is the finishing touch, adding a vibrant color to the low-key and fashionable outfit.

LOOK3The white lamb coat looks very gentle. It is very warm when paired with full lamb plush. The warm but not redundant lamb plush can also make the upper body look more layered. Pair it with a gray-orange one Bags can also be darkened in color to make the outfit more advanced.

LOOK4Skirts can also be worn when the weather is cold. Girls all like skirts, and this kind of design-rich skirt is also very good-looking! The sparkling sequins are matched with different colors, and every move is eye-catching. The combination is high-end and simple. The suit jacket adds a touch of sharpness to the gentle skirt, making the outfit look more casual.

LOOK5A coat that mixes red and black is also very versatile and looks more festive. Because red is inherently brighter, a long coat will look more prominent and the vividness of the color will be amplified. Pair it with a pair of white canvas Shoes can help reduce the saturation of the outfit and increase the sense of gentleness.

LOOK6The long white inner wear is simple and elegant, and looks very elegant. Paired with a gray loose enlarged scarf, it can add fluffiness to the outfit, so that it looks more three-dimensional, and has a sense of layering, not so much. Boring! A gray printed bag can also add a sense of fashion to your outfit, making it more suitable for commuting. Brown high heels are also a good choice, a must-have for delicate girls.

LOOK7Black cotton-padded clothes are so versatile and are not as attractive as light-colored and highly saturated cotton-padded clothes. Anyone can wear black cotton-padded clothes! The matching white high-neck scarf can also modify the neck and make it look more elegant. The waist is fuller and also very warm! Sisters with thicker necks can also wear a scarf so that they don't look thick!

LOOK8The yellow one-piece coat catches the sun's rays. From a distance, it looks like a strong and vivid color. It looks very eye-catching. The buttons on the coat are designed to be regular and smooth, so they are not too obtrusive and look more cute and cute. The inner wear is a black and white polka dot suit. The polka dot design will give people a visual age-reducing effect. The red bag is also an embellishment, which makes the outfit look better.

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