2023 young French + cream style decoration, super recommended!


The whole house is decorated with mountain and sea blue micro-cement tiles, which is simple and elegant, making it appear large and clean. Moreover, the furniture and decorations selected are all wrapped around the tiles in color, which is unified as a whole, giving a low-key and light luxury visual effect, especially in the living room, which is spacious. I absolutely love the Mediterranean style, it's a fascinating place.

Living room: The living room and the balcony are integrated. The design of the mountain and sea blue TV cabinet makes the space more fresh and atmospheric.


The light blue tiles complement the off-white fabric sofa and carpet, creating a harmonious and eye-catching atmosphere that makes people like it more and more.

Bedroom: The mountain and sea blue microcement tiles are very simple, refreshing and uncomplicated, and very attractive. It makes you feel like you are in the Mediterranean Sea, which makes you feel sleepy.

Kitchen: The floor is also decorated with mountain and sea blue micro-cement tiles, and is equipped with mountain and sea blue kitchen cabinets, which can fully accommodate 2-3 people to show off their skills in the kitchen.


The color is clean and refreshing, giving people a particularly appetizing feeling.

Bathroom: The curved doorway design is particularly creative. The mountain and sea blue wash cabinet is placed on the left side of the door. People who have used this design praise it for being very practical and very efficient. There is a door inside the bathroom. It is a perfect bathroom and provides a clean and comfortable environment for people to use it. My mood has improved.

From the living room to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom, every corner embodies sophistication and comfort.