Johnny Depp Was Furious Behind The Scenes After A Scene Between His Body Double And Orlando Bloom Went Completely Wrong In Pirates

Johnny Depp is an A-list actor famous for his roles in films such as and . However, his most famous role is that of Capitan Jack Sparrow in the franchise.

During his time filming the movies, Depp worked with stuntman and body double, Tony Angelotti. The two became close friends and Angelotti witnessed many behind the scenes moments on set. There was even one time he saw Depp get angry at the director.

Angelotti suffered a life-threatening injury while filming the second movie. However, he returned for the third film and has since spoken about his time working on the franchise.

Tony Angelotti Gets Injured On Set And Sues The Production Company

During the filming of , Angelotti suffered a life-threatening injury on the set. He was performing a "yo-yo" stunt where Jack Sparrow was to fall of a cliff wrapped in a rope and unravel to end up dangling by his leg. Angelotti said that despite the test from 40 feet not going according to plan, the team still tried the stunt from 80 feet anyway.

"When I was up, looking down, I gave the call of 'three, two, one, go,' they pulled my quick release that would allow me to unravel. However, the operator of the descender did not have the brake on and I went into a freefall," .

"So my body was the yo-yo and he hit the brake, and I had the five wraps around my waist. I spun so uncontrollably fast that the centrifugal force actually ripped my pelvis apart," he added. "‘I felt the ripping of inside my pelvic area, the burning, ripping sensation. And once I got to the bottom, I recoiled, like you would, like a yo-yo and sort of did this flailing backflip and then I went into this massive split."

Angelotti nicked a branch off his femoral artery, causing internal bleeding. He lost six units of blood and had an ACL reconstruction. After spending a year in recovery, he was forced to undergo surgery yet again when a plate in his pelvis broke. Angelotti also suffers from PTSD.

In 2007, for negligence. Many were shocked by the lawsuit, since those who do stunt work rarely sue. The reason for this is fear of losing future work. However, in 2011.

What Tony Angelotti's Career Looked Like After His Injury

Angelotti has said the injury ended his career working on major stunts. However, he still went on to perform less dangerous stunts.

"That pretty much ended my major performing career," he said. "I still did stuff that were like lighter stunts and whatnot, but it kind of f***** me up to be quite honest."

Angelotti returned to work on lighter stunts for the third movie and still works as a stunt coordinator.

"I still do training, I’ll do choreography, I do a lot of sword choreography, I work on the Conan O’Brien show when they have sketches, where there are some stunts in the sketches, I’m obviously still keeping busy but not obviously like I used to be."

Still, Angelotti has maintained a positive outlook at the end of the day.

"Things happen for a reason. I’m still alive. People look at me today and you wouldn’t even ever know that I had that intense of an injury and then had to have the surgery all over again," he said.

Angelotti added, "I’m still very thankful for all the opportunities that I had during the height of my career and the opportunities that I still have, it’s still good."

Tony Angelotti Reveals The One Time He Saw Johnny Get Angry On Set

When speaking to , Angelotti revealed the one time he saw Depp get angry while on set. It was during the filming of a fight scene between him and Orlando Bloom.

"I do remember one time where I saw him extremely angry," Angelotti explained. "And it was when we were filming the blacksmith forge fight, and I was fighting Orlando Bloom and Johnny’s sitting over by the camera watching and Orlando – the fights, they’ll get really intense and fast."

He added, "And Orlando I think got lost at one point, and went to another direction and I ducked back and the tip of his blade caught right near my eyebrow. I was okay, it was literally like a nick. A hair closer would have left at a decent mark."

According to Angelotti, the director was one he had not previously worked with. This director wanted to keep filming rather than call a medic.

"And then all of a sudden, Johnny got up out of his chair, walked right over to this guy and said, “We’re not doing a thing until he gets looked at by the medic."

Angelotti added, "And you could have heard a pin drop on that set. And it was like, 'Thank you, Johnny!' And of course, the medic was there in a split second and it was fine. That’s the rare occasion that I saw him, he blew a gasket."

Angelotti and Depp had a very close friendship. The actor even commissioned Neil Lane, jeweler to the stars, to create a custom replica of the Ring of Thieves for Angelotti.

"I would have beautiful wine with him at the end of the night in his trailer, he would invite me in a couple times," Angelotti recalled. "I can remember having beautiful Bordeaux and just sort of recapping the day and just talking about the stunts and things to come."

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