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The 5 most beautiful small towns in the world

1. Annecy, FranceAnnecy is located at the foot of the Alps, close to Geneva, Switzerland. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with blue sky and clear water, red bricks and green tiles, and abundant sunshine all year round. No matter how complicated the outside world is, it is always peaceful and leisurely. It is called "the Alps". 's balcony".

Although Annecy belongs to France, it has the same freshness as Switzerland. This turquoise river has witnessed the development of this town. The famous Isle Palace is on the small island in the center of the old town. Many souvenirs will choose this place as a symbol. Many tourists also come here because it is a landmark of Annecy.

2. Hallstatt, AustriaThe town of Hallstatt is the oldest town in Austria. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and has crystal clear lake water. The shores of the lake are lined with fairy-tale-like and quiet residences, which makes people linger and forget to leave. It is known as the most beautiful town in Europe. And the famous love check-in place.

These wooden buildings built near the lake have hundreds of years of history, and are layered on top of each other. In the summer, the buildings are covered with plants and colorful flowers bloom on the balconies. They are exquisite and beautiful and have a bit of history. Charming, the town was listed as a World Cultural Heritage in 1997.

3. Cesky KrumlovThis is the most charming fairy tale town in the world. It is well-known in China as CK Town. The Vltava River makes a nearly 360-degree circle here. There are historical and majestic buildings everywhere along the river. The castle seems to have traveled back to the Middle Ages and is a world cultural and natural heritage.

Cesky Krumlov is the most beautiful town in the world. In the distance is boundless green space. In front of you are the red-roofed houses connected to the river. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the town is like a dream, which makes people feel like a dream. It feels like a world apart, and it is the most charming place in Europe.

4. Rovinj, CroatiaRovinj is one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia. It has blue skies, tall green trees, gorgeous blooming flowers, beautiful beaches and winding cobblestone paths. The 18th-century tower buildings are solemn and exquisite, glowing with rich colors. Strong Italian style.

Rovinj is small in scale, small and exquisite with a hint of simplicity. The brightly colored and well-proportioned old houses are like a palette that God has knocked over. Wandering in the ups and downs of stone alleys extending in all directions is like traveling to the Middle Ages, with ancient charm. It reveals the vicissitudes of life and tranquility.

5. Giethoorn, NetherlandsEveryone has fairy tale-like dreams in their childhood. In reality, there is a fairy tale world. This is Giethoorn, located in the middle of the Netherlands. It is full of green and colorful flowers dot the town. Everything in front of you looks like a picture. The painting is incredibly beautiful.

The town is connected by more than 170 small wooden bridges. There are no roads here, and there are no cars. The only means of transportation for people to travel is boats. There are restaurants on both sides of the waterway, where people can leisurely enjoy delicious food, antique houses, bridges and sunbathing The rivers complement each other, making people feel relaxed and happy.

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