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The eight most beautiful flowers in the world

1. Provence lavenderLavender is beautiful, and the patches of lavender are even more beautiful, making you feel like you are in a romantic paradise. The sea of lavender flowers in Provence is a very suitable place for dating and confession. Among the ten most beautiful flowers in the world, Provence lavender can be said to be famous and is a romantic holy land that many people yearn for. Walking in the light sea of lavender flowers and smelling the light fragrance of flowers will open up your mood.

2. Hokkaido flower seaThe Sea of Flowers in Hokkaido is known as the "Provence of the East" and is a famous tourist attraction in Japan. It is beautiful all year round, especially in early summer, when the flowers are in full bloom, making you feel like you are in a world of flowers. If you go there in different seasons, you will see different scenery, colorful flowers, beautiful and romantic.

3. Dutch tulip flowersEvery tulip season, a small town in the north of the Netherlands is filled with tulips blooming. All kinds of beautiful and colorful tulips bloom in the wind, which is beautiful and romantic. The scenery is intoxicating and makes you forget to leave.

4. Rose Valley, BulgariaBulgaria is the kingdom of roses, and very distinctive roses are grown here. Every year in the first week of June, the Rose Valley Rose Festival is held there for five days. At the Rose Festival, a Rose Queen is elected and there are singing and dancing performances.

5. China Menyuan rapeseed flowerLocated in the Menyuan Rapeseed Flower Sea in Qinghai Province, China, it is a very beautiful and spectacular man-made landscape. This sea of rapeseed flowers covers an area of 610,000 acres and stretches for dozens of kilometers. It is very spectacular and beautiful. Every spring when the rapeseed flowers are in full bloom, they attract countless people.

6. Indian Sunflower GardenSunflower is a word that yearns for light. The large fields of sunflowers are very dreamy and beautiful, and it is a holy place that many girls yearn for. Confessing love in a sea of sunflowers will be very romantic and the success rate will be higher.

7. Daisies in AmsterdamI don't know if you have watched "Daisy" starring Jun Ji-hyun. If you have, the beautiful daisy garden in the movie must have left a deep impression on you. The Amsterdam Daisy Garden in the Netherlands is a romantic place that you must visit. ♂9. Sea of Flowers in Carlsbad, USAThe Carlsbad Flower Sea in the United States is located between Los Angeles and San Diego and has a unique climate. The sun shines brightly all year round, and when spring returns to the earth, beautiful flowers bloom everywhere.

8. Sea of Poppies in Bedley, Worcestershire, UK

The Sea of Poppies in Bedley, Worcestershire, England, is a haunting place for painters, photographers and tourists. The beautiful sea of red flowers has a breathtaking beauty that makes people never forget the beauty after visiting it.

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